Team Leading Edge Kawasaki’s Pickup Kit

July 4, 2013
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Team Leading Edge Kawasaki’s Pickup Kit

Team Leading Edge Kawasaki’s Pickup Kit

The Leading Edge bikes might possibly be the eye candy of the pits in all of Canada. They have unreal bikes and a sweet pickup kit to match. Let’s check out what makes the Leading Edge Kawasaki team so swaggered out. We will do the pickup kit for the 450 guys, but the 250 guys are running the same setup in general.

Bike: 2013 Kawasaki KX450F // $9,499


The synergy between Thor and Kawasaki is a tighter bond than that of a man and a dog.

Helmet: Thor Verge Matte Black // $299.95
Goggles: 100% Blue/White w. Mirror Gold // $75.00
Neck Brace: Atlas White Carbon Brace // $499.99
Jersey: Thor Phase Streak Blue // $22.00
Gloves: Thor Spectrum Red // $21.95
Pants: Thor Phase Streak Blue // $55.00
Socks: Thor Cool // $19.95
Boots: Alpinestar Tech 10 White // $579.95


God couldn’t make a bike prettier than that. The guy that stapled that seat cover on must of repeated “swag, swag, swag, swag” to himself while putting that puppy on.

Bars: Renthal Twinwall Blue // $99.99
Bar Pad: Renthal Green // $19.99
Clutch Lever: ARC RC8 // $209.95
Brake Levcr: ARC Flex // $69.95
Grips: Renthal // $10.99
Triple Clamps: XTRIG // $575.99

Launch Control: Works Connection Prolaunch // $109.99
Complete Wheel Kit: Front (Black D.I.D. ST-X rim, Bulldog spokes, Blue Kite hub) // $844.95
Rear (Black D.I.D. ST-X rim, Bulldog spokes, Blue Kite hub) // $844.95
Brakes: Braking 270mm Oversized Kit // $238.95
Tires: Front Dunlop MX51 // $75.99
Rear Dunlop MX51 // $75.99

FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Blue Titanium Carbon // $494.95
Header: FMF Megabomb Titanium // $314.95
Clutch: Hinson Complete Clutch // $949.00
Chain Guide: Acerbis 2 Piece Green // $62.95
Graphics: LimeNine Full Custom // $395.95
Hoses: CV4 Blue // 199.99



Plastic Kit: Acerbis // $149.99
Waterpump: Boyeson Supercooler // $127.95
Chain: D.I.D. Gold Chain // $159.99
Sprockets: Renthal // $ 109.99
Air Box:  Moto Tassinari Air4orce // $269.95

Total: $16986.64 to get one of these guys out on the track! Not including the priceless engine work, suspension work, other parts I can’t see and even more that I can’t even imagine.

See you next time on pickup kit!

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