5 Lessons from Supercross: A ladies perspective!

March 28, 2013
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5 Lessons from Supercross: A ladies perspective!

5 Lessons from Supercross: A ladies perspective!

The first thing you need to know… this years Toronto Supercross was my first and I had no idea what to expect.  My boyfriend couldn’t make it and so it was a girls night out.

The second thing you should know, I am a girl, I love my designer clothes. Why do you care?  Read on!

Warning 1:  Loud Factor

We were warned Supercross is really loud, wear earplugs.  If you have ever been to a concert.. concerts are louder.  Personally, the girls call B.S. on this warning.

Warning 2: Price of Beer

$10 for 1 can?  Tall boy or not that is insane!  Okay – really, $9.50 but who wants to worry about passing 2 quarters or a bunch of dimes back through the row to get your change?

Warning 3:  Carbon Monoxide

We got no warning on this one… and didn’t notice anything until 2 hours in when we started getting dizzy.  They really should have cracked the roof just a bit.

Note to self… Always sit as close to the track as possible – not only is it a better seat, but the fall is a lot shorter when you get dizzy.

Warning 4: Princess Alert

The real warning should have been about some of the girlfriends that were going to be sitting in the seats. Guys if you are bringing your girlfriend please let her know this is not a night at the opera.  She can dress nicely but leave the Prada and Channel at home.

We were sitting next to a girl who was fully decked out, please remember this is the Rogers Center, not dinner at the Four Seasons, expect accidents happen.  Someone’s beer went flying and hit our neighbors Coach purse and Channel boots.  Oops! It happened early in the race and she was annoyed and cleaning the drops off her boots and purse for the rest of the night. We felt bad for the boyfriend, had to listen to her complain the rest of the night.

Warning 5:  Whiplash

The biggest challenge for the single girls is where to look.  I am not sure which caused more whiplash moments for my friends… watching the event or scanning the crowd. Ladies, I can say this is an evening of eye candy.

So my thoughts on Supercross…

  1. You definitely need to go.  It is worth the trip!
  2. Bring the girls, leave the boys at home.
  3. Be prepared to have a lot fun, laugh a lot and remember there are always awesome parties afterwards.

Flying high at Supercross 2013 Toronto


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