Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.3

June 3, 2013
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Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.3

Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.3

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The single most important component in pursuing sponsorship is your letter of application, or your résumé. Literally, the first thing a company gets from you is that package of information about yourself, and your career, so it is extremely important that your first impression is organized, precise, and it attractive to businesses



I found this interesting. There are companies that throw together a very attractive résumé for motocross. Short, effective, and to the point. A bit too crazy for my liking but something this short and concise is what sponsors are looking for.

      The first, and most important point I want to explain is that it is your priority to distinctly point out what you are going to do for the sponsor (graphics, speeches, stickers, gift cards, etc.). That is something that you cannot leave out and is a deal breaker when it comes to flipping through hundreds of résumés. Here are some other things that sponsors look for when going through résumés during sponsorship season:

– Your basic information is important to include. These pieces of info must cover your contact info, class, district or league, and a short bio. I have heard of many résumés going out with no contact information! That’s very basic stuff!

– Proper spelling is a deal breaker as well. If there are major mistakes, grammar errors, and just plain laziness, then why should someone put their trust in sponsoring you? Make sure you proofread your résumé over and over again until it’s error free.

– List your results, but not all your results. Try to list results that have some significance. Things like jotting down 13 local race wins means nothing. Try to write down your provincial finishes and even better, your national finishes. Like it was stated above, your results are important but not that important. Sponsors want to see you travelling, trying different races, and doing different things with racing. When they see you doing local, provincial, and national races, then they know that they will get great exposure.

– A great extra that kids can add into the résumé is their school report cards. Companies can directly correlate your hard work in school to how hard you work at the track. This is a bonus for kids.

– There is a general size of résumé that you should aim for. It should be a maximum of 1 cover letter, and 2 pages. Anything longer is just time consuming and beyond what companies look through. So shoot for a short but effective package.

– Be sure to include a short history of your career and your goals for the future. It is good when sponsors can see your goals and plans so that they can have an idea of what they can do to help support you.

– Don’t ever put down excuses on a résumé. That’ll make your package end up in the recycling bin. In fact, don’t even bother posting bad results either! We all know what comes with motocross racing, and we don’t want to hear that your bike was having problems or you were sick or your mom made your toast wrong.

– Don’t ask for support if you don’t race! What’s the point? Also, if you end up getting injured during the season be sure to communicate with your sponsors that you cannot compete! Lack of communication can lead to companies “black listing” you, and forever tainting your reputation.

     Finally, it is important that you are honest. Honesty is your biggest ally, and you don’t want to be a phony. Make sure you take the time to prepare for sponsorship because along with its great support, it also brings a lot of responsibility. Remember, that being sponsored is a privilege, and not a right, no matter who you are. Companies are out there looking for you! So get out there and try to help out your family, your supporters, and the community. Everything can be easier, more enjoyable, and better memories can be made with a little bit of initiative and hard work! Good luck Nationers!


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