Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.2

May 29, 2013
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Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.2

Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.2

If you missed part 1 – http://mxmnation.com/sponsorship-easier-than-you-think-pt-1/


I had a few questions come to me following my article previous to this, and I want to clarify a few FAQs:

What kind of results are sponsors looking for?
– Results are important but not as highly regarded as most think. Once again, you don’t have to be banging off 1-1’s every weekend to be sponsored. It’s the image you portray at the track. But yes, of course results are taking into consideration. If you feel that you are getting good results, and especially if you feel that you are progressing, then that is a great sign for where things are going or could go.


Obviously, no one will have a pit like this. But this is the kind of display people are drawn to. Banners, tents, flags, stickers, and graphics cover the Team Green pit at Loretta Lynn’s. Use what you can to display your supporters.

What kind of things can I do to push my sponsors brands?
– Displaying and representing brands that sponsor you is a 100% must do. Stickers, bikes graphics, gear logos, truck and trailer logos are the least you can do to represent your supporters! At the end of the day, YOU are their tools to market, and whether that is handing out gift cards, giving shout outs on podiums, or even sticking stickers somewhere, it all is positive for companies.

What is the best tool I have to be a great ROI (return on interest) to sponsors?
– Socialize, and socialize well. You’re biggest strength is how you can connect with other riders, families and supporters. The strongest form of marketing is mouth-to-mouth, and person-to-person. When at the track, make sure that you are actively socializing, and being a part of the community. Give advice, lend help, talk racing, talk parts, talk products, be the person that everyone can be a friend with, and that everyone can look forward to catching up on.

How important is communication between myself and the sponsor?
– It’s critical. Most people in motocross that get sponsors land a deal and then they are never heard from again! Some don’t even do end of the year reports for their own supporters! Now, you don’t have to have your go-to guy on speed dial, calling him about everything that happens. But emailing, calling, and making short reports are ways to show that you aren’t just a one hitter quitter. Not only does communication improve your relationships within the community, but communication is your way to getting bigger and better deals in the future. So, when you get a sponsor, and receive all your goodies, don’t forget to keep up to date with the people helping you out!

If you are not only out there for the love of racing, but also out there for the love and continuity of our sport, then you are what people are looking for.

Stay tuned for the final portion of this topic early next week! It’ll be all about the most important part of pursuing sponsorship! Until then, keep it pinned!


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