Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.1

May 24, 2013
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Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.1

Sponsorship: Easier than you think! PT.1

MXM Bike at Houston Supercross Party

Motocross is in our blood. It is with us when we wake up, it follows us throughout our busy days, and it tucks us into bed every single night with dreams and visions of checkered flags, big jumps, and glorious victory!

The fun and adrenaline we all crave for is second to none, and is something that never leaves your soul.

Sadly, motocross has many barriers for all.  Some cannot participate due to physical limitations, some it’s mental but for most people, motocross is a steep financial ladder for families and supporters to climb.

Professional racers can easily blow through a $50,000 budget in one season of racing, and that would even be considered “low budget” for some.  There is no question that MX is financially draining, but there are opportunities out there for the public to grab hold of if they wish to do so. There is no one at the track who wouldn’t mind saving a few bills here and there, yet, you don’t see many riders or families doing anything to market themselves into a smoother, easier way to compete in motocross.

How can a race season cost you less?

There are hundreds of great companies out there that are waiting for hard working athletes to take the initiative and come forward with a plan, goals, and a deal. Most athletes assume that sponsorship is only for the elite in sports, but that is a false assumption on many levels.

Why do Companies want to sponsor athletes?

Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Companies are always looking for ways to increase their market share, and to sell more products. When a deal is made between a racer and a sponsor, it becomes a win-win for everyone. The racers get some extra support, and in return the sponsors get the marketing they want. The company is looking for you to help them with their marketing. You have to be a great marketing tool.

Why don’t all athletes get sponsorship deals? Well, there are several reasons why:

  1. Riders don’t even bother to try for sponsorship.
  2. Companies don’t sponsor everyone!
  3. Riders have to have the “package” (which I will explain later).
  4. Many are oblivious to the plentiful opportunities that are achievable.

Sponsors aren’t just looking for the fastest warrior at the races, but they are looking for the most presentable athlete to add to their portfolio of riders under their name.

Deals aren’t made based on the single attributes of speed, talent, intelligence, PR, work ethic, athleticism, or progress.


Ryan Gauld exemplifies what it means to be a strong figure in the motocross community.

Ryan Gauld exemplifies what it means to be a strong figure in the motocross community.

What is the Athlete “Package”?

Sponsors are looking for the package, and the package is many of those qualities all in one. You don’t have to be the fastest, the richest, and you don’t even have to be the best at it all, but what you do have to embrace is how presentable you are on the track and off it as well.

Sponsors are looking for brand exposure and recognition in the industry, therefore they look for the people that can best represent the name. Companies are looking for the optimum ROI (return on investment) as any company in the world does. To be a great ROI you must be an example athlete at the track. Some of the things sponsors love to see are:

  • Great sportsmanship
  • Good and improving results
  • Highly social
  • Public speaking skills
  • Hard work
  • Clean look on and off the track
  • Going out of your way to push your brands/supporters
  • Engagement in the community (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Moto Forums, etc.)
  • Travel and racing in different places

     As long as you are working on yourself, your crew, and your overall persona, you can almost bet on landing a sponsor or two. Hard work does pay off. It pays off financially, but more importantly it sets you up to be a well-known name in your community, and that alone is something to look forward to. Sponsors love it!

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