Split Second 450s: Red Bud

July 10, 2013
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Split Second 450s: Red Bud

Split Second 450s: Red Bud

I really wanted to use some raw data this week to see how close these top dogs are when they are out for battle. I took the top 5 from each moto and put together their average lap, and fastest lap so that we could see what the difference is when it comes down to seconds.

450 Moto 1 – * fastest lap determined rank below


I don’t know what to say about him. Almost 3 seconds on the “FMOTP” (fastest man on the planet). Ryan Villopoto is the moto Zeus and he’s cracking down on the competition. Have you seen the last few races? The guy is a stone cold killer that is out to annihilate anyone on the track. Whatever program the RV2 crew is running is the next level in motocross. Ryan Villopoto is raising bars, and the sport will evolve around his intensity, and his level of commitment, or else this guy is going to win everything for the next 2 years and challenge the G.O.A.T. for the G.O.A.T

2nd – James Stewart – 2:17.337 fast lap 3, 2:22.609 average lap


Hmmmm. Josh Grant is tough to talk about because you just don’t want to jinx anything. I’m really pumped that he is landing these awesome moto finishes. He’s actually sticking his nose into my “top 5 category” and I don’t even mind! He has sweet style, and he’s training with the Terminator (RV2) now, so it looks like Grant has caught some nice chemistry for his program.

3rd – Josh Grant – 2:17.683 fast lap 2, 2:23.776 average lap

4th – Trey Canard – 2:17.899 fast lap 2, 2:24.262 average lap

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 11.18.12 AM

My dreams shattered during this moment. A simple accident, just one tiny slip up and so much damage to recover from. When it comes down to it, Ryan Dungey is the only man that can put it to Villopoto. You always have wild cards like Barcia, and Stewart that can gap anyone during a race, but there’s no consistency. Dung is the only guy that strikes fear into the pits of Kawasaki, so it’s awful to see this slip up happen last weekend at Red Bud.

5th – Ryan Dungey – 2:18.334 fast lap 3, 2:20.809 average lap


450 Moto 2

1st – Ryan Villopoto – 2:15.330 fast lap 2, 2:18.889 average lap

2nd – Ryan Dungey – 2:16.184 fast lap 2, 2:23.060 average lap


The enigma of the year: James Stewart. So many questions I would ask. What’s he planning on right now? This outdoor season is a write off, and he’s riding with an injury, so what the hell is the plan? Don’t get me wrong. He’s riding great, and in fact, he deserved the good finishes he had at Red Bud. But I can tell you 100% that riding around in the top 5 isn’t what JS7 wants. It’s going to be an interesting story in the future. I hope that he is able to recover from his injuries and I really want to see a push for 2014 titles. If anyone can do it, he can.

3rd – James Stewart – 2:16.726 fast lap 3, 2:21. 263 average lap

4th – Josh Grant – 2:19.051 fast lap 3, 2:23.606 average lap


Bam Bam! The 450 wild card. He’s the wild card because he can steal motos from those top 2 guys any day of the week. He will punish you if he gets the holeshot and getting around him is no task for any mortal man. Give him this season to learn, and he WILL be challenging for wins in 2014. Justin Barcia is the future for that Honda team.

5th – Justin Barcia – 2:19.874 fast lap 2, 2:22.803 average lap

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