Sand Del Lee Pro Report: The 450s

July 22, 2013
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Sand Del Lee Pro Report: The 450s

Sand Del Lee Pro Report: The 450s

450 Results:

IMG_8178 copy

This weekend the schedule was swapped around, so the MX1 class hit the track first.

IMG_8180 copy

RM Motorsports/MX101/Red Bull/Yamaha’s Jeremy Medaglia #12 qualified with pole position. He looked recharged after Gopher last weekend, and raced in the top 3 all weekend long.

IMG_8183 copy

The track was prime for every single moto on Sunday. Great work to the MX101 crew!

IMG_8188 copy

Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Teddy Maier #11 qualified 2nd.

IMG_8191 copy

Royal Distributing/Red Bull/KTM’s Tyler Medaglia took a 3rd in qualifying. He was a favourite for the weekend alongside #12.

IMG_8196 copy

Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha’s Bobby Kiniry #2 has been hot and cold the past few rounds. A 4th in qualifying isn’t a bad way to start the day off.

IMG_8202 copy

Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Brett Metcalfe #123 put down the 5th fastest lap of the morning and made sure he was lined up towards the inside of the gate.

IMG_8205 copy

The Leading Edge Kawasaki’s are rocket ships!

IMG_8206 copy

Ross Johnson #25 from Cycle North/TLD/Honda grabbed an 8th overall with 8-10 moto scores. He ran up front a few times during the day as well, and looked comfortable.

IMG_8213 copy

MX101’s Shawn Robinson has been dealing with a couple of nagging injuries. He was healthy and ready to go 100% at SDL.

IMG_8231 copy

Dusty Klatt #3 taking his hot lap before moto 1. I think the further we head out East, the stronger Klatt with get.

IMG_8236 copy

The girls getting the 30 second board up!

IMG_8237 copy

It was Jeremy Medaglia #12 with the advantage. SDL has a very tight left hander which makes for an entertaining first corner.

IMG_8238 copy

Ryan Millar #63 and Tyler Medaglia #7 tried to sweep around Jeremy.

IMG_8239 copy

But Jeremy nailed a textbook holeshot, hugging tight inside.

IMG_8247 copy

Awesome start for the brothers!

IMG_8254 copy

Top 10 starters racing to the second corner.

IMG_8257 copy

Brett Metcalfe #123 and Redemption Racing’s Gavin Gracyk #4 got tangled up in the first corner.

IMG_8262 copy

Jeremy started off with a blazing pace coming around lap 1.

IMG_8266 copy

Good thing he did, because the 2 KTM boys were on the hunt closely behind.

IMG_8269 copy

On the 1st lap, Brett was coming through the back of the pack. He was on a mission.

IMG_8272 copy

Cole Thompson #148 got by the Medaglia brothers and tried to run away and hide.

IMG_8280 copy

Good start for Ross. He hung onto the lead group for a bit.

IMG_8288 copy

Ryan Derry made the trip to his second national of the year.

IMG_8294 copy

Sand specialist Mike Sottile #515 was able to make it to SDL! He had a cold morning and hot afternoon going 29-3 for 11th overall. He was so pumped to be on the podium! I overheard him talking about making it to Rd.7, but he says he has a lot of bike repair to pay for.

IMG_8312 copy

Tyler Medaglia went 15-4 for 7th overall. Some trouble in the first moto would hinder Tyler’s day.

IMG_8325 copy

Brock Hoyer #32 took 9th overall. Only a little bit more luck on the starts and he can improve his positioning.

IMG_8327 copy

Morgan Burger #6 had a frustrating day.17-20 is not up to his standards, and he’s hoping that he can have a great setup for Rd.7.

IMG_8328 copy

Kody Bill taking a digger!

IMG_8334 copy

On paper, Zack Zager #781 had a bad day, but in reality he was doing very well! He ran up front for a long time in moto 1. A couple mistakes set Zack back into the high 20s, but a great day of riding for Zager overall.

IMG_8344 copy

Dusty Klatt #3 6th overall. Close to that top 5! Time to get some better starts, and he’ll start really making progress.

IMG_8358 copy

The “Dozer” (Kyle Keast #37) had another great weekend with a 5th overall! Kyle sits 10th in points with only a 2nd overall, and 5th overall to his name in the 2013 season.

IMG_8368 copy

Teddy Maier #11 was all over Jeremy Medaglia #12 in the later half of moto 1.

IMG_8373 copy

The last 2 laps were unreal for fans, mechanics, staff, and everyone alike. It was Jeremy heading the pack, with Maier heavily stalking for that 3rd position, but Metcalfe came out of nowhere and took both of them!

IMG_8375 copy

Cole walked away with the moto 1 win.

IMG_8382 copy

Jeremy taking his cheque in front of his hometrack crowd.

IMG_8385 copy

The only time we would be seeing Teddy on the podium. Look out for him at Deschambault!

IMG_8386 copy

Metty with an amazing ride from behind to 3rd place!

IMG_8390 copy

A happy Cole, is a fast Cole.

IMG_8471 copy

Spotted Tyler Rayner #46 walking around. He blew his motor and was unable to finish. Bad luck for Tyler, but there’s still 3 rounds left for him to show people what he’s got.

IMG_8482 copy

Cale Foster is wrenching for Jeremy. I know that they have great chemistry on and off track, so that must have played into Jer’s favour. You can also see MX101’s Kevin Tyler giving #12 his pep talk before moto 2.

IMG_8491 copy

Robinson and Keast chat before battle.

IMG_8492 copy

This is a pretty potent team we have in front of us. Cole Thompson, Kyle Thompson, and the Donk! It’s great to see a smile on Donk’s face after Cole’s overall win!

IMG_8493 copy

Bobby Kiniry #2 finished 4th overall with 3-7 finishes.

IMG_8494 copy

Fresh holeshot line!

IMG_8495 copy

I really enjoy when the bikes are all clean and the racers come out with the fresh gear!

IMG_8497 copy

Metcalfe always looks stylish in his Thor gear.

IMG_8499 copy

The Shift and Fox rider’s were also very flashy. I think Jeremy’s kit is one of the coolest!

IMG_8500 copy

Burger and Hoyer coming around on their moto 2 hotlap.

IMG_8508 copy

Bobby Kiniry

IMG_8510 copy

Ready for action in Moto 2!

IMG_8515 copy

Medaglia’s both off to a great start.

IMG_8516 copy

Jeremy dove in to protect his inside.

IMG_8518 copy

Which caused his brother Tyler to cut it in too hard in the soft sand.

IMG_8519 copy

Tyler washed his front wheel out, but luckily no one hit him while he was down.

IMG_8526 copy

There was a pile up that looked similar to this every race that day.

IMG_8530 copy

Metty was following Jeremy around for the first few laps. Jeremy does open his motos with a very fast pace.

IMG_8537 copy

Trevor Carlson riding low.

IMG_8568 copy

Klatt held a 6th in moto 2.

IMG_8569 copy

Seth Rarick went 9-DNF. Not sure what happened in moto 2, but Seth looked on pace with the top 10 boys.

IMG_8577 copy

When Metcalfe got out front he put it in cruise control and rode a great moto.

IMG_8582 copy

The thing I notice about Brett is that he rides very energy efficient, which I know gives him the upper hand late in motos.

IMG_8585 copy

Hometrack hero hugging this sweet SDL berm!

IMG_8604 copy

Ryan Millar #63 grabbed 14th overall.

IMG_8631 copy

Brett ended up making a mistake in the later half of the moto and it allowed Cole Thompson to catch up.

IMG_8634 copy

Metty reacted when he knew Cole was coming and he dropped the hammer, pulling back away from CT148.

IMG_8642 copy

Sweet day for the MX101 crew! A 2nd overall for Jeremy is certainly a great accomplishment for the weekend.

IMG_8649 copy

Sottile actually grabbed a podium in the last moto! He was a happy guy up there!

IMG_8654 copy

2-5 for 2nd

IMG_8661 copy

12-1 for 3rd overall. A few riders ended up being docked 10 positions for jumping on a red cross flag. It was a very controversial subject because some rider’s believed that they were treated unfairly when the penalties were handed out.

IMG_8665 copy

1-2 for 1st overall.

IMG_8670 copy

Your MX1 podium!

IMG_8678 copy

Cole Thompson won his first ever professional overall this past weekend at SDL. It was a sight to see for all involved. I think it is pretty awesome that it was done on Canadian soil too! Cole had trouble with his Champagne, so Brett stepped in to show the “rookie” how it’s done!

IMG_8680 copy

Good work Thompsons!

See you all next week at Deschambault Rd.7!

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