Sand Del Lee Pro Report: The 250s

July 23, 2013
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Sand Del Lee Pro Report: The 250s

Sand Del Lee Pro Report: The 250s

250 Results:

IMG_8173 copy

Nice and shady mechanics area for the wrenches this weekend!

IMG_8169 copy

The boss of the Ouimet crew prepping the #267 machine.

IMG_8395 copy

Into the first corner it was Jerry Lorenz #28 with the advantage over Fraser, and Nauditt. Austin Politelli laid it down!

IMG_8396 copy

The pack had to sweep out wider than normal around the first corner to miss Politelli’s bike.

IMG_8397 copy

Josh Clark #23 had no choice but to cut it in.

IMG_8398 copy

It’s never good when you run into someone on the start. Things got pretty tight at one point.

IMG_8399 copy

Looks like Clark just missed Politelli’s head!

IMG_8400 copy

While all the carnage was going on, Jerry Lorenz was putting the SX250 power down….

IMG_8404 copy

And pulled a massive holeshot!

IMG_8407 copy

Some top runners went down in the 1st corner. You can see Jared Allison #15, Austin Politelli #102, Richard Grey #20, Shawn Maffenbeier #10, and Dylan Wright #539.

IMG_8413 copy

The Rockstar Energy/OTSFF/Yamaha boys freight trained through the pack after their first corner mishaps.

IMG_8419 copy

Lorenz came around to the green flag first. Jerry ended up 18th O/A on the day with some bad luck.

IMG_8420 copy

Devil Lake MX’s Josh Clark #23 getting a little loose on the finish line!

IMG_8421 copy

GDR/TLD/Honda’s Blake Savage #57 had a really good day grabbing 5th overall with 5-6 moto scores.

IMG_8422 copy

Yamalube’s Parker Allison and GDR’s Konnor Long.

IMG_8430 copy

Jesse Wentland #266 started his weekend off right with a win in moto 1. Good pickup by KTM. 

IMG_8435 copy

Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Tyler Villopoto #5 put down a great first moto with a 4th! It looks like Tyler is gaining some momentum back!

IMG_8459 copy

Wentland took the win.

IMG_8460 copy

Clark was close behind and rode strong the entire moto.

IMG_8461 copy

RTR Performance’s Topher Ingalls took the final step on the podium.

IMG_8469 copy

Will we be seeing this face more next year?

IMG_8477 copy

Topher is very humble post race no matter where he finishes. He’s happy to be out there racing for top positions!

IMG_8481 copy

Josh was pumped!

IMG_8681 copy

Picture perfect day for the spectators. Sand Del Lee probably has the best layout for viewing because about 90% of the track is in sight.

IMG_8690 copy

Konnor Long #719 taking his hot lap for moto 2.

IMG_8693 copy

And the moto 2 holeshot went to Clark! 3 Yamaha 2-strokes were close to getting it too.

IMG_8695 copy

Only a few riders went down this moto. That’s the #518 of Derek Ouimet, Brad Nauditt $16, and Tyler Villopoto #5.

IMG_8697 copy

Wentland was taking a pretty cool line through the chicane section. Unfortunately, it backfired on him and he was down pretty hard.

IMG_8703 copy

Took him a little while to get up and get going, but he was all good!

IMG_8711 copy

Yamalube’s Jared Allison #15 had to retire from the moto early due to a mechanical.

IMG_8714 copy

Bummer for anyone!

IMG_8716 copy

Dylan Wright #539 and Shawn Maffenbeier #10 were tearing through the pack in moto 2!

IMG_8719 copy

MX101’s Dylan Wright had another fantastic weekend despite a few mistakes here and there. Dylan went 5-7 for 7th.

IMG_8723 copy

These 3 went at it for a few laps. Michael Dasilva was having an amazing day with a career best 11-11 for 11th overall. Richard Grey #20 had another tough weekend going 23-10.

IMG_8687 copy

Davey Fraser #36 has the speed to run in the lead group! He was showing a lot of potential despite being sore from getting landed on at Gopher.

IMG_8726 copy

Davey will have the advantage as we move East.

IMG_8732 copy

Awesome ride for Muff! He took 2nd in the final moto and he was happy to be up there for his family, friends, and team.

IMG_8743 copy

2-4 for 3rd on the day is great! Especially when you tie 3 ways for 1st overall!

IMG_8745 copy

A 6-1 did it for Politelli!

IMG_8751 copy

Your MX2 podium!

IMG_8756 copy

See you all next weekend at Deschambault!

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