Riverglade Pro Report: The 450s

August 7, 2013
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Riverglade Pro Report: The 450s

Riverglade Pro Report: The 450s

IMG_9419 copy

Good crowd at Riverglade! One of the best tracks to watch because it’s almost all visible to spectators.

IMG_9593 copy

RM Motorsport/MX101/Yamaha’s Jeremy Medaglia #12 and his mechanic Cale Foster prepping for moto 1.

IMG_9596 copy

It was Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha’s Bobby Kiniry #2 with the jump on the field.

IMG_9598 copy

Redemption Racing’s Gavin Gracyk #4 followed closely to the inside.

IMG_9600 copy

Kiniry would get the power to the ground and grab the moto 1 holeshot!

IMG_9625 copy

Sewer Rat Racing’s Morgan Burger #6 finally had a decent day going 12-8 for 8th overall. Hopefully he ends the season strong at Walton after an East coast slump.

IMG_9626 copy

Bobby and Cole were this close the entire moto!

IMG_9633 copy

Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Brett Metcalfe #123 had to work his way up to the front in moto 1.

IMG_9642 copy

Scrubber Dave Blanchet went 18-10 for 12th overall. I’ll be sure to watch him over the step-down at Walton!

IMG_9637 copy

Bobby Kiniry led moto 1 wire-to-wire, and didn’t crack under Cole Thompson’s heat at all.

IMG_9648 copy

Redemption Racing’s Eric Jeffrey #33 had a good day going 15-13 for 13th overall. Some better starts would land him a top 10 finish!

IMG_9652 copy

Donald (Donnie T) Turner #85 made the trip out East. Good to see that #85 out at Riverglade.

IMG_9661 copy

Royal Distributing/Red Bull/KTM’s Tyler Medaglia rode quietly to a 4th in moto 1.

IMG_9698 copy

Machine Racing’s Kyle Keast is 11th in points after only racing 4 rounds! 8-9 on the day would give him 7th overall.

IMG_9714 copy

Brock Hoyer 10-11 for 11th overall.

IMG_9717 copy

Near the end of the race Cole Thompson closed up on Bobby Kiniry.

IMG_9718 copy

The 2 lap board came out and we were expecting Cole to try to pull some moves out of a hat.

IMG_9729 copy

Gavin Gracyk grabbed a 9th in moto 1 but was DQ’d moto 2 (not sure why!)

IMG_9737 copy

This is how close the last lap was…

IMG_9741 copy

Tyler grabbing a 4th behind Metty.

IMG_9746 copy

KTM’s Donk debriefs Cole after a hard moto of eating Kiniry’s killer roost.

IMG_9748 copy

Metty charged up to 3rd, enough to strike the overall if he won the 2nd moto.

IMG_9749 copy

CT148 is disappointed with a 2nd, and it was pretty clear when he went onto the podium.

IMG_9752 copy

Can’t not be happy about that! Bobby K takes the moto win and his first of the year!

IMG_9922 copy

Kyle Thompson always has his words of wisdom to give to Cole before battle.

IMG_9923 copy

I knew Kiniry was going to gun for the overall. He knew that this was his day.

IMG_9929 copy

He got the jump!

IMG_9930 copy

Ross Johnson #25 and Tyler Medaglia #7 followed.

IMG_9933 copy

Right about here I noticed that they were fading a bit wider than normal…

IMG_9934 copy

… and here I started to abort, and run.

IMG_9936 copy

Luckily I dodged the traffic and this is what the field looked like after turn 2. Ross Johnson and Brett Metcalfe leading down the second straight.

IMG_9939 copy

It was an easy one for Metty. He would take the moto win, the overall, and he would clinch the MX1 championship! He is your Canadian MX1 champ! Will he be the new King of Walton?

IMG_9941 copy

Awesome new Fox gear on Tyler Medaglia. 3rd overall on the day would be a job well done!

IMG_9949 copy

Thompson’s day went from good to bad… FAST.

IMG_9952 copy

And so did Donk’s…

IMG_9954 copy

Now that is a sight to see! A beautiful Royal Distributing/Red Bull/KTM SXF450 sitting clean under water. The poor bike!

IMG_9955 copy

Took 4 guys to wrestle it out of the mud! Cole was OK, he just panicked when he couldn’t push himself out of the water due to the mud sucking his arms into the ground.

IMG_9965 copy

Jeremy Medaglia grabbed 4th overall with 6-3 moto scores.

IMG_9969 copy

Liam O’Farrell is heavily underrated in Canada. He took 6th overall which is his best finish this year. Every weekend Liam has been battling in the top 10.

The TransCan is next week and MXM Nation will be there for the entire week! See you at the track!

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