Riverglade Pro Report: The 250s

August 6, 2013
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Riverglade Pro Report: The 250s

Riverglade Pro Report: The 250s

IMG_9397 copy

Could not have asked for a better day at Riverglade!

IMG_9403 copy

Brad Nauditt #16 scoping out his gate of choice for moto 1 in MX2.

IMG_9404 copy

Austin Politelli #102 is calm behind the gate. That Thor gear looks sweet!

IMG_9407 copy

Nicky Beatty #42 packs his own gate, while his girlfriend Jenna Wallace holds the steed.

IMG_9410 copy

Tyler Villopoto #5 getting his Zen.

IMG_9411 copy

Richard Grey #20 prefers to pack his own gate.

IMG_9416 copy

Top intermediate Taylor Arsenault #257 went 19-34 for 23rd overall.

IMG_9425 copy

Cycle North’s Brad Nauditt #16 got the jump on the field.

IMG_9426 copy

Sean Maffenbeier #10 and Kyle Swanson #313 were close in tow.

IMG_9427 copy

Nauditt broke free and started to power down the straightaway.

IMG_9429 copy

He would grab the moto 1 holeshot!

IMG_9434 copy

RTR Performance’s Topher Ingalls #13 went down first corner. He also had a DNF in moto 1 and moto 2.

IMG_9438 copy

Devil’s Lake rider Josh Clark got a top 10 start and stayed in 6th place for moto 1.

IMG_9440 copy

Derek Ouimet #518 went down hard and pulled out from Riverglade early with mechanical problems and a sore body. Rough luck for the Ouimet’s this season!

IMG_9442 copy

Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Austin Politelli #102 getting the message.

IMG_9454 copy

Yamalube’s Parker Allison #18 grabbing gears.

IMG_9483 copy

Clark had a good day going 6-4 for 4th.

IMG_9510 copy

Privateer Kyle Swanson #313 had another breakout moto 1 catching Maffenbeier.

IMG_9513 copy

GDR/TLD/Honda’s Blake Savage rode strong to 7th in moto 1.

IMG_9528 copy

Unfortunately, his teammate Nathan Bles had mechanical issues.

IMG_9534 copy

Yamalube’s Jared Allison #15 went 8-5 for 7th overall. Good moto 2 ride!

IMG_9544 copy

I made sure I would catch Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Tyler Villopoto #5 on the last lap.

IMG_9576 copy

So that I could see this…

IMG_9577 copy


IMG_9581 copy

He had an awesome moto with a 2nd place finish. He stayed on pace with Politelli despite the distance between them.

IMG_9582 copy

Brad Nauditt grabbing his holeshot cheque!

IMG_9585 copy

Kyle Swanson #313 was able to capitalize on Maffenbeier’s misfortune with lappers. Swanson took 3rd on the last lap!

IMG_9588 copy

The real Tyler Villopoto has stood up.

IMG_9756 copy

Moto 2 holeshot it looked to be Brad Nauditt again.

IMG_9757 copy

But local guy Davey Fraser #36 would sweep wide..

IMG_9761 copy

… and take the moto 2 holeshot on his TM250.

IMG_9769 copy

Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha’s Sean Maffenbeier #10 would take the lead in the next corner.

IMG_9779 copy

But her went over a berm! That’s the 3rd time I’ve caught the aftermath on camera! That YZ250 must have some snap to her.

IMG_9790 copy

Nauditt rode very smartly to a 3rd place.

IMG_9791 copy

Savage grabbed 6th in moto 2.

IMG_9797 copy

Michael DaSilva #53 grabbed triple 13s. 13-13 for 13th overall. He should be inside the top 10 at Walton.

IMG_9798 copy

Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha’s Richard Grey #20 had a slump day. 9-15 for 12th isn’t what Rich had in mind.

IMG_9803 copy

Davey Fraser led Politelli for a few laps, but AP102 put the hammer down and got to work.

IMG_9821 copy

Ladies rider Haley Larsen went 32-30 in her first pro national!

IMG_9844 copy

DaSilva grabbing a tight line.

IMG_9847 copy

Bles had to use his stock motor for moto 2. He salvaged a 14th.

IMG_9848 copy

Drew Robert’s is finally back on point. 15-16 is a huge improvement over the past few weekends. He should be looking forward to Walton!

IMG_9849 copy

Austin Politelli had a dominant day going 1-1.

IMG_9884 copy

Konnor Long got caught under his bike in a nasty crash. He was OK.

IMG_9891 copy

Had to catch it again…

IMG_9892 copy

Fans loved it!

IMG_9893 copy

The finish line at Riverglade is probably the best jump on the circuit!

IMG_9901 copy

Great day for local hero Davey Fraser. He was proud to represent, and earned the Brian House Memorial Award.

IMG_9912 copy

Good day for Leading Edge!

IMG_9920 copy

Check tomorrow for the 450s!

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