Parts Canada Walton TransCan Photo Report: Part 1

August 21, 2013
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Parts Canada Walton TransCan Photo Report: Part 1

Parts Canada Walton TransCan Photo Report: Part 1

IMG_2832 copy

Perfect setting at Walton in the early morning.

IMG_2835 copy

The MX2 Juniors had first moto Thursday. It’s always a race to watch because track conditions are always perfect for this moto.

IMG_2848 copy

Owen Whelan grabbed the holeshot in the deep tilled dirt. He would get stuck with a flat rear tire for most of the moto and grabbed a 6th. 6-8-6 for 5th overall.

IMG_2855 copy

Wyatt Wadell ended up taking the lead early in the moto and he checked out. 1-4-1 moto scores would also land him the championship!

IMG_2884 copy

Carter Hucherson, Wyatt Wadell, and Alex Jeffrey were up and around this podium all week long. Carter grabbed 4th overall with 3-5-8 moto scores, and Alex Jeffrey grabbed 2nd overall with 2-3-2 scores.

IMG_2896 copy

Charlie Rousseau grabbed the biggest holeshot of the week in 85cc 7-11. Charlie got 4th overall in the mini class.

IMG_2921 copy

Bradely Vanleeuwen took a couple of holeshots during the week. Here he is in GP Junior fending off Owen Whelan. Brad took 9th overall in GP, and 4th overall in MX1.

IMG_2952 copy

Supermini was a wicked class to watch. The 4 mini riders Joey Crown, Willam Crete, Tanner Ward, and Casey Keast were all very fast and close in speed. Keast would take the overall, Crete second, and Ward would wrap up third.

IMG_3004 copy

Nathan Cryer skies out the Scott natural double. Cryer grabbed 6th overall.

IMG_3080 copy

Owen Whelan ripped his older brother’s 2-stroke for the week and clearly liked it alot! Whelan capped off his week with a 3rd overall in MX1 Junior.

IMG_3096 copy

Marco Canella had some tough luck. He looked to be the only one who could challenge Crown. A 2-DNF-1 would ruin his chances at the overall.

IMG_3116 copy

Kennedy Lutz was consistent in the Ladies class going 2-2-3 for 2nd overall.

IMG_3119 copy

Brad Williams skying out the step down.

IMG_3191 copy

The top 3 in MX1 Junior. Jeffery, Gallant, Whelan were untouched.

IMG_3203 copy

Mike Bles had a decent week in all 3 junior classes. Here he is leading the MX2 class in one of the later motos.

IMG_3257 copy

It was interesting to see the Schoolboy 1 class because of the 125s vs. Superminis.

IMG_3262 copy

Ryan Whelan coasting the step down in Schoolboy 1.

IMG_3446 copy

MX3 Intermediate is always a showdown. Westen Wrozyna grabs the holeshot with his rival Dylan Wright closely tucked behind.

IMG_3448 copy

Pretty much what we saw all week.

IMG_3452 copy

Jess Pettis rips his 250f! Jess grabbed 5th overall in MX3 Intermediate, and a 2nd overall in MX2.

IMG_3453 copy

Nathan Bles and Ryan Lockhart talk moto language.

IMG_3454 copy

After Westen had a crash in MX3 Intermediate, Dylan Wright stretched out a huge lead and started getting comfortable over the step down! Sweet!

IMG_3455 copy

Konnor Long looked good on his new 450. A 5th overall in MX1 Intermediate shows that he was ripping on the big bike!

IMG_3456 copy

Schoolboy 2 champion Nick Jones had a really good week. He turned some heads in intermediate too.

IMG_3458 copy

Taylor Arsenault is always strong at Walton. 4th overall in MX1 intermediate with a few podium motos was well deserved.

IMG_3459 copy

Cooper Larche was hauling all week! 3rd overall in Schoolboy 2, and 6th overall in MX3 Intermediate.

IMG_3460 copy

Justin Roney has some ups and downs during the week. He had the speed in some motos, and bad luck in others.

IMG_3468 copy

Taylor Ciampichini took 3rd overall in MX1 intermediate, and narrowly missed out on 3rd overall in MX2 Intermediate. He was a very strong competitor for every moto.

IMG_3469 copy


IMG_3470 copy

Bronze boot winner, and Yamaha Factory Ride winner. A solid week for the phenom!

IMG_3472 copy

Nick Jones was a regular on this podium.

IMG_3473 copy

Young Danny Mathe was up there a few time. 4th and 5th overalls in the intermediate classes shows the bright future for this kid.

IMG_3475 copy

DMX Total Devotion award winner Dallas Robertson had a really tough fall. He ended up breaking his neck early in the week, but still came out after to cheer on his fellow racers. Get well Dallas!

IMG_3476 copy

Jean-Christophe Bujold had a horrible first moto in MX2 Junior but finished the week off with 3 podium motos.

IMG_3488 copy

Chris Pomeroy went 1-1-1 in +40, Matt Crown went 2-2-2, and Dan Tricco went 3-3-3!

IMG_3492 copy

Another group packed with consistency. 1-1-1 for Jacob Piccolo, 2-2-2, for Jake Tricco, and 3-3-3 for Nick Cryer.

IMG_3505 copy

MX3 Intermediate overall.

IMG_3510 copy

Marco Canella, Joey Crown, and Connor Arsenault holding the hardware they earned in 85cc 12-16.

IMG_3524 copy

MX1 Intermediate overall podium.

IMG_3550 copy

Josh Woods from GPF made the trip again to Walton. He didn’t ride, but he was there Saturday night to hand out the GPF award.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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