MXM Nation’s Factory Riders for a Week Program: Walton TransCan

August 9, 2013
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MXM Nation’s Factory Riders for a Week Program: Walton TransCan

MXM Nation’s Factory Riders for a Week Program: Walton TransCan

MXM Nation joins forces with Rockstar/OTSFF and for the Grand National Championships held at Walton Raceway.

MXM Nation supports all amateur and pro riders across Canada. Our goal is to help them develop, gain sponsorship and market themselves. We have always taken a high profile at the Walton TransCan GNC among the amateurs, and this year teaming with the Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha Team, we knew that we would have great plans for Walton.

We have approached top amateur riders to offer them to be a part of factory rider for a week, under the MXM factory rig. MXM’s riders will have full access to a full factory rig and all that comes along with it. A mechanic will be on site to help out the families and riders with their week of racing. Our plan is to give these riders everything they need to achieve their goals at the TransCan!

The riders representing MXM Nation/OTSFF/MX Schools are:


Tanner Ward #84 riding 85cc 12-16, Supermini, and Schoolboy 1. Tanner just got back from competing at Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Tennessee and is looking to pull in some good rides at the Walton Grand National Championship!

Taylor Ciampichini #259 will be fronting the intermediate class this year and we want to hook him up with all the support he needs! Look for the 259 machine to be up front representing Nation! Check out for Taylor in MX1/MX2/MX3 Intermediate!


Owen Whelan #177 has been a heavy hitter all year long. He’ll be representing the team in the Junior classes next week! Check out for Owen in MX1/MX2/MX3 Junior!

We expect it to be an awesome week, and we will be sure to cover all the action!

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