MXM Nation announces sponsorship of Team Rockstar Energy/Yamaha/OTSFF for the 2013 motocross season.

June 10, 2013
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MXM Nation announces sponsorship of Team Rockstar Energy/Yamaha/OTSFF for the 2013 motocross season.

MXM Nation announces sponsorship of Team Rockstar Energy/Yamaha/OTSFF for the 2013 motocross season.

“5 million extreme sports athletes and no support – Until Now!”


Toronto, Canada – June 10, 2013 – MXM Nation is pleased to announce sponsorship of Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha for the 2013 CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals season.  MXM Nation is the online social commerce community aimed at helping extreme sports athletes reduce their costs, increase their visibility and become a top contender in their sport.

“We’re really excited to support such a great team both on and off the track for the 2013 Season.  We might be a really young tech company but as we build our platform we know our main goal is to make sponsorship an option for all athletes.” says Myles Bartholomew, CEO of MXM Nation.  “We know one day we will be able to support a lot of great riders of all ages.”

MXM Nation is in development and launched its beta site at the 2013 DMX Supercross party at Houston Ave Bar and Grill in Toronto.  This is the first step in launching the full platform that will really change the way athletes and sponsors work together to make extreme sports affordable.

“Motocross is in our blood.  We know how expensive it can be for riders, families, and for the teams.  Myles is developing a game changer for all extreme sports athletes and I am really proud of him,” says Gary Bartholomew.  “With MXM sponsoring Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha it is the beginning of a solid future for the company and all extreme sports.”


About MXM Nation

Founded in 2006 as MX Mechanics, the company was established to offer amateur motocross riders support services and access to top level sponsors.  Market testing and developments in both social networks and semantic technology provided the opening for MX Mechanics to evolve into MXM Nation.  MXM Nation a transactional social platform and represents the evolution of sponsorship for extreme sports athletes. Through our proprietary platform we will drive exposure and visibility for athletes, sponsors, dealers and service providers giving more than 5 million extreme athletes the support necessary to focus on their performance and reduce the high costs associated with their sport.


For more information contact:

Myles Bartholomew


Twitter – @MXMNation
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We have launched the first phase of the MXM Nation platform using motocross as the launch sport. Why? We are passionate about all extreme sports but the timing is right and the season is about to start. What will MXM look like and how will we help you? Extreme athletes, are you looking for more exposure? Do you need help to bring down your cost to compete? Sponsors, are you looking for athletes to support? Are you looking for athletes who will promote your brand not just on the podium but online through social networks? MXM Nation is the intersection of the needs of the athlete and the sponsor; we are the evolution of sponsorship in extreme sports. With our transactional social commerce platform we will help you drive the exposure you need and achieve the commitments you have made. Join the Nation! Together we will increase your social graph and reduce your costs to compete.

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