MXM Nation R.A.T. ANQ Photo Report

May 27, 2013
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MXM Nation R.A.T. ANQ Photo Report

MXM Nation R.A.T. ANQ Photo Report



The 4th round of the Southwestern ANQ was held at the Paisley R.A.T. track this past Sunday! It was a great day for racing, with great weather, and no major injuries! The track was very saucy for morning practice, but it ended up being a very good track overall for the motos. The moisture held in most spots on the track, and tons ruts and lines developed all day long. The head ref did a great job keeping the schedule on-track, everything ran smoothly!

I did have a run in with an extremely ill mannered (and “threatening”) staff member that thought I was a random spectator on the track despite my credentials, and camera gear (and it already being 2:00pm)! He got pretty heated when I ignored his aggressive suggestion for me to step inside the fence line. Everything was okay in the end, and I’m sure he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

All in all, it was another solid ANQ in the books for CMRC. Great work!


Fast Lap Times of the Day:

Intermediate: Taylor Ciampichini – 2:27.813
RJ Marnoch – 2:28.183

Junior:             Mike Bles – 2:31.666

Beginner:        Gregg Mcculloch – 2:56.924

Minis:              Joey Crown 2:39.824



Holeshot man Alex Jeffrey #31 was sporting his new KTM in the Junior classes. I think he grabbed almost all of his holeshots! He was the Mike Alessi of the day.

In the 250 Junior class it came down to an awesome battle between Mike Bles and Alex Jeffrey. Both on those 2-fiddy 2-smokes!

In the 250 Junior class it came down to an awesome battle between Mike Bles #127 and Alex Jeffrey #31. Both on those 2-fiddy 2-smokes! Alex finished with a 3rd in MX3, 1st in MX2, and 2nd in MX1.


#276 Mike McDowall finished 2nd in VET Junior

#346 Ron Atyeo won the Vet Junior class, and also raced to a 28th in MX3 Junior.


#16 Brad Williams rode 6 motos on Sunday. He placed 5th in 85cc 12-16, 8th in Supermini, and 16th in Schoolboy 12-16.

I always have wondered how they get water into this tank?

I always have wondered how they get water into this tank?


Sean McDonald#100 was riding a YZ125 and had some great results. 1st in MX3 Beginner and, and 2nd in MX2 Beginner.


Lucas Ritchie #213 always seems to have good heat races.


Mike Bles #127 (relation to Nathan bles #26?) was a strong competitor all day long. He ran up front most of his motos.

Mike Bles #127 (relation to Nathan bles #26?) was a strong competitor all day long. He ran up front most of his motos. Mike finishes with a 2nd in MX3 Junior, a 10th in MX2 Junior, and a 1st in MX1 Junior.



Tyler Major #514

Good battle between KTM pilots Mitch Goheen #164 and Alex Jeffrey #31.


Jake Tricco #527 is the guy to beat in the mini classes. Jake finished with a 1st in both 65cc 10-11, and 85cc 7-11.


Luke Tricco #52 is Luke’s fast younger brother. He finished 2nd in 65cc 7-9, and 7th in 85cc 7-11.


MItchell Godkin #828 rips his KTM SX250. He always lands great starts, and he’s getting better and better each weekend I see him! Mitch grabbed a 5th in MX3 Intermediate, 4th in MX2 Intermediate, and a 4rd in MX1 Intermediate.


Jim Scott #57 says he was just “relaxing” in this photo. We call it aerodynamics! #1 in +40 for the day!


#68 Dan Walters was closely behind Scott.


Mischa Wright #9 grabbed 2nd in Ladies on her KTM.


American superstar Joey Crown #35 came up North to get an ANQ in. He dominated every moto he entered.


Sam Gaynor #28 is a quick little guy. He got 3rd in 85cc 12-16, and grabbed a top 4 in Supermini.


Blake Koopmans #51 rides a lot of classes! I believe I saw him in Supermini, MX2 Junior and Schoolboy. Blake finished with a 5th in Supermini, 4th in Schoolboy, and 7th in MX2 Junior.


Movie man Drew Anger had a good day as well. He’s one of the tallest riders at the track, and can throw his bikes around. A consistent 8th in both MX3 Junior and MX2 Junior.


Duncan Macleod #411 had the most speed in the Junior class but couldn’t hide from bad luck on Sunday.


He ATE it going down this high-speed straightaway! Bike was cartwheeling for days!


His bike actually went Kamikaze into Mike Bles #127 who was closely in tow. I just barely got my camera on for these 2 shots. How’s that for reaction time? Both riders got up and walked away.


James Whelan #168 (oldest of 3 brothers) is getting stronger on his YZ250. He nailed some holeshots throughout the day and grabbed a 4th in MX3 Intermediate, and 3rd in MX2 Intermediate.


RJ Marnoch #630 was on rails! He grabbed a 2nd in MX3 Intermediate, a 1st in MX2, and a 1st in MX1.


Look who decided to strap the old boots on? That’s Kyle Stephens #573 getting the dust and cobwebs out!


Great spectating area for the public. At Paisley you can see most of the track, so it makes for a great spot to relax and watch!


Dave Bell and the St. Johns crew were around all day. Luckily, no one needed too much attention from the medical crew!


Duncan Macleod #411 remounted for his LCQ and pulled the holeshot. Unfortunately, his bike broke down due to damages from his gnarly crash earlier.


Close racing in Schoolboy. This is how it looked for half the moto.


Schoolboy winner Carter Hutcherson #71. He also got top 5 in both MX2 and MX3 Junior.


Up-and-comer #346 Clayton Powers has some skills.


Ryan Whelan #62 (youngest of 3 brothers) is learning what big bikes feel like! Here he is ripping in Schoolboy 1.


I noticed really great sportsmanship between the top 3 schoolboy riders. Something you don’t see too often. Good job boys! It’s been noted!


Sorry if I blinded you, but the Cryer’s dog just wouldn’t let me take a picture of him!


Austin Watling #424 was surprisingly quick in 85cc 12-16 with a 4th overall.


The Scott’s are always out having fun! That little electric bike is the envy of just about everyone in the pits (I want one)!




The track owner was out fixing up some rough sections.


Full gate of Juniors as always!


40 bikes coming at me was a bit scary!


It was Owen Whelan #177 (2/3 of the Whelan crew) with the huge holeshot!


That’s how you do it!


Bradley Vanleeuwen #951 had a great day with a 1st overall in MX3 Junior.


Luke Rahm #255 got a good start and was running a fast pace. He just needs to work on his conditioning and he’ll be right up there very soon.


Best battle of the day went to Bradley #951 and Mike Bles #127. Brad would make an epic pass on the last lap!


Taylor Ciampichini #259 was a consistent starter. Him and RJ Marnoch #630 were going at it all day. Taylor grabbed a 1st in MX3 Intermediate, and a pair of 2nds in MX2 and MX1.


Riders of the weekend go to these two. Both were on another level, and made for strong racing. It always went either way between these guys.


Marnoch ripping the deep, long ruts at Paisley.


Dallas Robertson #385 is impressing me. He was consistently in the top 5 this past weekend. He looks to be a contender at every race he enters. Dallas went 3rd in MX3, 5th in MX2, and 3rd in MX1.


Maddison Alcock won Ladies convincingly.


Alex Jeffrey #31 taking a pitstop on the line before his motos.


His older brother Lucas Jeffrey was also sporting his new KTM. Lucas moved up to the intermediate class and fit in very well. Look for him to learn tricks from his older brother Eric Jeffrey.


Owen Whelan #177 is always running in the top spots in the Junior classes. He has the speed, and the conditioning. He will be a contender at Walton this year. Owen raced to a 9th and a 3rd in the Junior ranks.


Hunter Scott #22 went on to winning the 50cc 7-8 class! Little guy hauls mail!


His brother Tanner Scott #46 was closely behind with a 3rd overall in 50cc 7-8.


The youngest of the Cryer family #196


We will be at the 5th round of ANQs at Walton! So come by and say hi! Until then, see you at the track!

Retired pro motocrosser looking to improve the world of motocross. Currently in school at the University of Waterloo for Honours Global Business. I consider myself one of the top keyboard racers of all time, and I can still lay down the law on the track. You can catch me at the track taking photos or hanging out with the familiar faces of motocross.

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