MX Mechanics team competed in 60 Motos with Four Podium Finishes at the Auburn Hills Round Two of the Ontario Provincial Championships and ANQ

May 12, 2007
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MX Mechanics team competed in 60 Motos with Four Podium Finishes at the Auburn Hills Round Two of the Ontario Provincial Championships and ANQ

Ogio and Dragon were featured at the free draw announcing over 20 winners

Auburn, Ontario, May 12 and 13, 2007.   It was another amazing weekend for racing, we saw blue skies and the track was in mint condition.  As the day went on, the track saw deep ruts in the corners, large braking bumps but the crew at Auburn Hills kept the track watered and groomed thought-out the day, making for some great battles out there.  For the second round of the Ontario Provincial Championships and ANQ, the MX Mechanics’ team featured product from Ogio and Dragon, giving away over 20 prizes including bags, t-shirts, sunglasses, tear offs and hats.  The MX Mechanics team, also rode hard this weekend, racing in 60 motos, with 4 podium finishes and 15 Top Ten finishes.

“This weekend the whole team rode hard. In particular the mechanics on the team kept these bikes in mint race condition”, states Ryan Gauld, Team Pro for MX Mechanics.  “It’s a long series and to compete for both the national and provincial championships, running over 60 motos everything has to go right.  These Yamaha four strokes are doing the job”.

MX Mechanics would like to thank all 500 or so participants in the Ogio and Dragon Draw, we gave away prizes to over 10 people just for dropping by the tent to fill out a ballot.

Some of the notable race results from the team weekend are:

Tyler Jamieson, 3rd overall 250 Junior and 3rd Overall Junior GP

Ben Toye, 10nd overall, Supermini,

Jason Sims, 4th overall Junior GP and 6th Overall Junior 125

Andy Burke, 4nd overall 250 Junior and 4th Overall Junior 125

Kory Snelgrove, 2nd Overall 250 Intermediate, 4th Overall Intermediate GP and 4th Overall 125 Intermediate

Brandyn Cowie, 5th overall 125 Intermediate and 11th overall Intermediate GP

Ken Clark (Head Mechanic), 2st overall Vet Master and 6th overall Pro 250

Dave Hind (Pro Mechanic) 12th overall Vet Master

The MX Mechanics team would like to thank the crew at Auburn Hills for putting on a great event and our sponsors for the draw, Ogio and Dragon.

See you all at the Rat Track, Paisley for round three of the Ontario Provincial Championships and ANQ.


About MX Mechanics

MX Mechanics is an amateur support team designed to help out amateur racers and their families, giving them a factory-like sponsorship advantage and a competitive edge only associated with professional factory riders. This new support service provides access to top level race and practice bikes, the best race mechanics, trick – after market parts and race clothing, track side support, pro level instruction and mentoring and a highly prestigious profile at the Amateur Provincial and National Championships.

MX Mechanics service is offered to any family that requires support of their young racer, with the goal of making the sport of motocross an enjoyable experience for the racer and their family.  MX Mechanics is offering three levels of support, from an entry level – track side support, to weekly mechanics support to its highest level of full service and race bike support.

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