MX Mechanics’ Ryan Gauld wins +25 National Championship, Team takes 3 National Podiums and 11 Top Ten Finishes at the 2007 Transcan

August 19, 2007
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MX Mechanics’ Ryan Gauld wins +25 National Championship, Team takes 3 National Podiums and 11 Top Ten Finishes at the 2007 Transcan

MX Mechanics wraps up the year at the Walton Transcan, giving away over $5,000 in free product.

Walton, August 19, 2007.  This years Transcan saw some of the best racing ever, a track that was in mint condition and an event that was superbly run.  MX Mechanics wants to congratulate all the racers and the Lee Family for an awesome effort and enjoyable time.

The MX Mechanics tream showed up ready to race and produced some great results with 3 National Podiums and 11 Top Ten Finishes.  Along with the racing, MX Mechanics and our sponsors gave away close to $5,000 in product to the lucky winners of our free draw.  We set another record for entry ballots for the draw, topping over 5,000 ballots for the week.


Transcan Race Results – Highlights

Below are the highlighted results for the team:

Ryan Gauld, 1st overall in the +25 Class and is the 2007 National Champion for this class

Ken Clark, 2nd overall in the Vet Master Class and 6th Overall in the +25 Class

Ben Toye, 2nd overall GP JR B, 7th overall Supermini and 10th overall Junior 125 A

Jason Sims, 7th overall Junior 125 A and 10th overall GP Junior A

Kory Snelgrove, 4th overall in the 125 Intermediate, 6th Overall in the GP Intermediate and 7th Overall in the 250 Intermediate

The Trasncan is a three moto format over the four days, total points in all three motos determine the overall national standings.  The final results are posted on Motoregistry.

Free Draw and Product Give Away

This week we gave away close to $5,000 in product and would like to thank our sponsors and all the participants that filled out a ballot:

Wednesday: Motovan and Zox Helmets, we gave away 5 helmets

Thursday: Sendec Racing Products, we gave away 5 multifunction timers

Friday: Boston Pizza, we gave away 5 gift packs and gift certificates

Saturday: Motovan, Xtreme Race Gear and Ogio, we gave away 3 sets of Xtreme race gear and two 7900 gear bags

MX Mechanics would like to thank all its sponsors for their support in the 2007 race year and look forward to even a better year in 2008.

For those racers looking to join the MX Mechanics team for 2008, please contact us directly for information on the 2008 program.

Enjoy the Fall Series and we will see you all next year at the opening round ANQ.

About MX Mechanics

MX Mechanics is an amateur support team designed to help out amateur racers and their families, giving them a factory-like sponsorship advantage and a competitive edge only associated with professional factory riders. This new support service provides access to top level race and practice bikes, the best race mechanics, trick – after market parts and race clothing, track side support, pro level instruction and mentoring and a highly prestigious profile at the Amateur Provincial and National Championships.

MX Mechanics service is offered to any family that requires support of their young racer, with the goal of making the sport of motocross an enjoyable experience for the racer and their family.  MX Mechanics is offering three levels of support, from an entry level – track side support, to weekly mechanics support to its highest level of full service and race bike support.

For more information please contact Gary Bartholomew gbartholomew[at]


MX Mechanics Sponsors

MX Mechanics amateur race team and their families would like to thanks our sponsors for their support:

MX Mechanics Team Products

MX Mechanics uses race quality products on the team to ensure our amateur and professional racers have every advantage on the track.  MX Mechanics would like to thank the product manufactures for their support:

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