MX Mechanics launches new amateur race team at Gopher Dunes Season Opener, with over 900 Entries

April 9, 2006
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MX Mechanics launches new amateur race team  at Gopher Dunes Season Opener, with over 900 Entries

MX Mechanics launches new amateur race team at Gopher Dunes Season Opener, with over 900 Entries

MX Mechanics Features LGS Suspension in the rough Gopher Dunes Sand

Courtland, Ontario, April 9, 2006.  The Southwestern Ontario Division of the CMRC goes off to a record start with close to 900 riders registered for the first Amateur National Qualifier at Gopher Dunes.  This season opener also represented the launch of the MX Mechanics Amateur support team a support services program for amateur racing, designed to produce factory like support.

The weather was perfect and our season opener team that consists of Steven Azarkiewicz ( 80cc 12-16 – Supermini ) Myles Bartholomew ( 80cc 12-16 – Supermini – 125 junior) Ben Toye (80cc 12-16 – Supermini – 125 junior ) and the senior on the squad Ryan Gauld ( Pro – +25 ) had a great day.

GD April 9th 2006 081The track got rougher then most people had ever seen it before. Since it was a Walton Qualifier there was some added pressure on the team to make sure that they got some points towards the Grand National.

In the 80cc 12 – 16 it was Ben Toye who placed the highest of the group finishing in an impressive 5th for the day. I must mention that Ben was on a borrowed bike for the day and still served it up. Steven came across in a solid 12th. He was bragging about his good starts but did not get the best one in the final. Myles Bartholomew was consistent and smiling all day long. He finished 23rd. So all the boys qualified and did their job.

[margin_10t]GD April 9th 2006 055Ben and Myles both are also on the new 2006 YZ125 Yamahas this year and gave it a valiant effort to qualify into the biggest class of the day. There were over 100 entries alone in the 125 junior class.

Both Ben and Myles are new to the big class but were very happy with the bikes and how the day went. The LGS suspension really helped them out on the rough track conditions, especially later in the day when the braking bumps look like a whoop section.

LSG was at the race, checking track conditions and fine tuning the suspension to suit the conditions and rider style.  Neither made it to the main but is optimistic for the rest of the season.

The super mini class was again huge in entries with and was very exciting to watch. Ben Toye was once again in the hunt for a good finish. He managed a 7th in moto one and a 9th in moto two for a 9th over all on the day. Myles and Steven rode there little hearts out and finished 24th and 25th respectively. The boys were very happy at the end of the day and are looking forward to the rest of the season under the MX Mechanics tent.[margin_5b]

GD April 9th 2006 022[margin_10t]Ryan Gauld had his usual day, up front leading motos and smiling all day long.  But the man of the day was Kyle Keast. Gauldy kept him honest in moto one and held on for a 2nd place finish. Keast and Gauld were 20 seconds ahead of third at the finish in moto one. The second mot saw Chamberlain get the holeshot. Then Gauld and Keast made the pass and were having a great battle until Gauldy made a mistake in the front sweeper and went over the bars and Keast ran right into him. Keast managed to get up first and go on to win the moto for the sweep on the day and Gauld picked up and remounted a charge back to third for 2nd for the day.

About LGS Suspension Development

LGS Suspension Development (LGS) specializes in building, tuning and setting race suspension and is a service offered by Machine Racing in Sharon, Ontario.  Using specialty suspension parts, combined with direct race knowledge, LGS can tune your suspension to give the racer an edge in any race conditions.  For more information on LGS Suspension contact Adam Robinson at Machine Racing, stu[at] or call 1-888-696-2244, or 905 830-0254

About MX Mechanics

MX Mechanics is an amateur support team designed to help out amateur racers and their families, giving them a factory like sponsorship advantage along with a competitive edge only factory riders have today. This new support service provides access to top level race bikes and practice bikes, the best factory mechanics, trick – after market parts and race clothing, track side support, pro level instruction and mentoring and a highly prestigious profile at the Amateur Provincial and National Championships.

The support service is offered to any family that requires the support of their young racer and family, making the sport more enjoyable, knowing the fine details of getting to a race, and racing are taken care of by professional.  MX Mechanics is offering three levels of support, from an entry level, track side support, to weekly mechanics support to its highest level of full service and race bike support.

For more information please contact Ryan Gauld gauldy[at] or Gary Bartholomew gbartholomew[at]

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