MX Mechanics Featured the New Line of Ogio Bags with a free draw for bags, hats and T-Shirts at Round Two of the Ontario Provincial Championships – Auburn Hillz

May 13, 2006
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MX Mechanics Featured the New Line of Ogio Bags with a free draw for bags, hats and T-Shirts at Round Two of the Ontario Provincial Championships – Auburn Hillz

MX Mechanics Featured the New Line of Ogio Bags with a free draw for bags, hats and T-Shirts at Round Two of the Ontario Provincial Championships – Auburn Hillz


AH May 14th Pt2 2006 022Auburn, Ontario, May 13 and 14, 2006.  Wow what an amazing weekend. The weather man said it was going to rain both days, we saw no rain at all. A little rain on Saturday night made for a great track for Sunday racing. Tom Bitz and the Auburn crew made the track the best it has ever been in ten years.

Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 080  Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 061  Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 055    For all you folks that stayed home because of the weather, well you missed the best track conditions and racing we have ever experienced at Auburn Hillz.  With the weather being awesome, the track in amazing shape and the Ogio give away the weekend shaped up to be one of the best.

On Saturday the draw was for an Ogio 450 mechanics belt pack and for Sunday the big prize was the Ogio 9900 Equipment Bag which was won by Mitchell Godkin.[margin_10b]

Now to the MX Mechanics race team. What a weekend we had. On Saturday Ben Toye, Dave Toye, Myles Bartholomew, Gary Bartholomew, Rachael Bartholomew, and Ryan Gauld took to the beautiful Auburn track like it was their back yard. Ryan’s 14 Moto win streak came to an end in the +25 class, taking second for the day behind Doug Dehaan. Myles Bartholomew and Ben Toye road hard in the 12 16 80cc class. Myles finished 15th for the day on his KTM 85 and Ben managed another great day, placing 6th overall.

The brand new Youth B/School Boy, under 16 gives the younger kids a chance to get experience on the 125’s and 250F’s before riding the ultra-competitive Junior Class.  Both, Ben and Myles are making leaps and bounds in the progress department.  [margin_10b]

Ben managed a 9th and Myles was 10th for the day in this class. Great riding guys!

Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 057Rachael Bartholomew is the lone lady on the squad. This weekend she decided to give the two stroke KTM 125 a try and it paid off. First Moto she was running fourth and had some mechanical issues. Kevin and Darryl, the MX Mechanics new workers got the bike fixed for Moto Two where Rachael finished 12th .

Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 028Gary and Dave road the vet junior class and both riders always came off the track with big smiles on their face. Needless to say they were punched at the end of the day.[margin_15b]

[margin_20t]Sunday rolled around and it again was a gorgeous day. Some rain came down throughout the night and made the track awesome for the day 2. Steven Azarkiewicz showed up for Day 2 to challenge the rest of the riders in the super mini class. Steven loves the Auburn track and raced hard all day long. He finished 8th overall. Ben and Myles also raced the super mini class and placed 4th and 11th respectively. Ben and Myles also raced the 125 junior class, which was the biggest class of the weekend. Each time these guys get on the big bikes they get better and better. Ben road to an impressive 9th in Moto One. The rest of the Motos did not go as well for the boys but they continue to get better every time they hit the track.[margin_15b]


Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 003Ryan Gauld once again had a great weekend. The veteran seems to have his game that he had back in the late 90’s when he was part of the Factory Yamaha Team. Ryan is back on Yamaha again with confidence and having a great time racing each weekend.  He road hard all day and had some great battles with Keast, Lockhart and Sarrits.

He came out of the weekend with a 3rd in 125 class and 2nd in the 250 class.

The weekend was a huge success for the team. We would like to thank Ogio for the give away and congratulate all the winners from the draw. We will see you at the races![margin_25b]

About Ogio

From humble beginnings to a modern phenomenon, top gear bag designer OGIO still thrives on the substance that spurred its existence…vision. Michael Pratt fostered the prodigy that is OGIO, and with intuition and a little financial reinforcement spawned the young company’s venture into gear bag design. With an innovative line of duffles and packs loaded with excess features, OGIO dished out the inner extreme everyone craved. With this driving appetite, OGIO reinvented golf with a fresh contemporary line and a pimped out “golf cart”, more widely known as the BRV (battle-ready vehicle). OGIO spurred new age golf, and recognized the vast potential of their entity. Sharing a synonymous intense direction with action sports, OGIO’s eminence emerged from the get-go with the production of the hit motocross film “Global Addiction”. With a die-hard crew and collective insight, OGIO gathered top athletes from across the nation from moto, BMX, skate, snow, and surf to produce Team OGIO. Together OGIO designers and athletes unite to create specific action sports packs. This cutting-edge company has single handedly revolutionized bag design and there is more where that came from.[margin_30b]

Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 033Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 021

Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 061 Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 057 Auburn Hills May 14th 2006 055 Auburn Hills May 13th 2006 078 Auburn Hills April 30th 2006 008 Auburn Hills May 13th 2006 044 Auburn Hills May 13th 2006 075 Auburn Hills May 13th 2006 018

[margin_20t]About MX Mechanics

MX Mechanics is an amateur support team designed to help out amateur racers and their families, giving them a factory-like sponsorship advantage and a competitive edge only associated with professional factory riders. This new support service provides access to top level race and practice bikes, the best race mechanics, trick – after market parts and race clothing, track side support, pro level instruction and mentoring and a highly prestigious profile at the Amateur Provincial and National Championships.

MX Mechanics service is offered to any family that requires support of their young racer, with the goal of making the sport of motocross an enjoyable experience for the racer and their family.  MX Mechanics is offering three levels of support, from an entry level – track side support, to weekly mechanics support to its highest level of full service and race bike support.

For more information please contact Ryan Gauld gauldy[at]

MX Mechanics Sponsors

MX Mechanics amateur race team and their families would like to thanks our sponsors for their support:

MX Mechanics Team Products

MX Mechanics uses race quality products on the team to ensure our amateur and professional racers have every advantage on the track.  MX Mechanics would like to thank the product manufactures for their support:

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We have launched the first phase of the MXM Nation platform using motocross as the launch sport. Why? We are passionate about all extreme sports but the timing is right and the season is about to start. What will MXM look like and how will we help you? Extreme athletes, are you looking for more exposure? Do you need help to bring down your cost to compete? Sponsors, are you looking for athletes to support? Are you looking for athletes who will promote your brand not just on the podium but online through social networks? MXM Nation is the intersection of the needs of the athlete and the sponsor; we are the evolution of sponsorship in extreme sports. With our transactional social commerce platform we will help you drive the exposure you need and achieve the commitments you have made. Join the Nation! Together we will increase your social graph and reduce your costs to compete.

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