MX Mechanics and Dragon Optical Team up...

MX Mechanics and Dragon Optical Team up…

July 1, 2006
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MX Mechanics and Dragon Optical Team up…

… for a Free Draw at Round Five of the Ontario Provincial Championships – Sand Dee Lee, July 1 and 2, 2006


MX Mechanic Racers wear Dragon Goggles, Sunglasses, Tees, Hoodies and Hats on and off the track.

Richmond, Ontario, July 1 and 2, 2006.  MX Mechanics is an amateur support race team designed to help amateur racers and their families, giving them a factory-like sponsorship advantage and a competitive edge only associated with professional factory riders.  MX Mechanics is pleased to offer a free draw on both days for Dragon Optical Goggles, Sunglasses, Hats, Tees and Hoodies.  Fill out a free ballot at the MX Mechanics/Boston Pizza Rig and listen for your name to win.

All the MX Mechanics’ racers use Dragon Optical product on and off the track and after 4 Qualifier Rounds and 4 Provincial Rounds the product is performing at the top of it’s game.  Dragon goggles are offered in multiple styles, and the MX Mechanics’ team uses the MDX model, offered in 19 different colors, with different lens options.  The MDX Goggle features a polyurethane frame, lined with moisture wicking micro-fleece lined lace foam.  The Lexan lens provides 100% UV Protection and feature mounting posts for tear-offs which hold up to 28 laminated tear offs.

Dragon Optical also features sunglasses for men and woman with over 15 different styles and 4 specific designs for woman.  Each style has different lens options allowing you to tailor the use for your sport.  Whether you are looking for snow goggles, branded Dragon Clothing, Accessories or product specific for woman, check out the Dragon Store online at

“I have used the Dragon product for many years.  Dragon’s quality, style and fit is the best in the industry.” states Ryan Gauld, Team Manager and Pro for MX Mechanics.  “Our whole team is outfitted in Dragon product and you can see it in action every weekend, drop by our rig this weekend and check the product out”.

This weekend’s MX Mechanics draw will occur between moto 1 and 2 on Saturday and Sunday.  We will be drawing for goggles, sunglasses, hats, tees and hoodies, lots of winners each day.  Come by the MX Mechanics/Boston Pizza rig and fill out a free ballot, listen to the announcer between motos for the winners.

The draw is courtesy of Dragon Optical Canada.

About Dragon Optical

Dragon Optical products include goggles, sunglasses, clothing, accessories and woman’s products designed for the extreme sports athletes.  View these products online at

About MX Mechanics

MX Mechanics is an amateur support team designed to help out amateur racers and their families, giving them a factory-like sponsorship advantage and a competitive edge only associated with professional factory riders. This new support service provides access to top level race and practice bikes, the best race mechanics, trick – after market parts and race clothing, track side support, pro level instruction and mentoring and a highly prestigious profile at the Amateur Provincial and National Championships.

MX Mechanics service is offered to any family that requires support of their young racer, with the goal of making the sport of motocross an enjoyable experience for the racer and their family.  MX Mechanics is offering three levels of support, from an entry level – track side support, to weekly mechanics support to its highest level of full service and race bike support.

For more information please contact Ryan Gauld gauldy [at]

MX Mechanics Sponsors

MX Mechanics amateur race team and their families would like to thanks our sponsors for their support:

MX Mechanics Team Products

MX Mechanics uses race quality products on the team to ensure our amateur and professional racers have every advantage on the track.  MX Mechanics would like to thank the product manufactures for their support:


, ,

We have launched the first phase of the MXM Nation platform using motocross as the launch sport. Why? We are passionate about all extreme sports but the timing is right and the season is about to start. What will MXM look like and how will we help you? Extreme athletes, are you looking for more exposure? Do you need help to bring down your cost to compete? Sponsors, are you looking for athletes to support? Are you looking for athletes who will promote your brand not just on the podium but online through social networks? MXM Nation is the intersection of the needs of the athlete and the sponsor; we are the evolution of sponsorship in extreme sports. With our transactional social commerce platform we will help you drive the exposure you need and achieve the commitments you have made. Join the Nation! Together we will increase your social graph and reduce your costs to compete.

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