Monster Energy Nationals RD.1 Photo Report

June 5, 2013
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Monster Energy Nationals RD.1 Photo Report

Monster Energy Nationals RD.1 Photo Report

     Firstly, we want to thank Ryan Gauld from Guaranteed Motocross for the pictures! Follow Gauldy and his adventures at and follow them on Twitter at @guaranteedmx!

     It’s finally hit us, the Monster Energy Nationals is here starting off at the Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC. It was an amazing weekend for racing, and a great turnout occurred! The Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha team had the return of Bobby Kiniry #2, Richard Grey #20, and new member Shawn Maffenbeier #10 under the tent for the weekend. It was exciting weekend for all riders, sponsors, and families to say the least.

     MXM has teamed up with the Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha team, so prepare for a lot of inside access on the team throughout the summer!

     Here is how our boys did:

2013 Nanaimo MX National 027

Returning teammates Bobby Kiniry #2 and Richard Grey #20 were happy to be reunited. Both have a good team relationship with each other, and even joke around a bit!

2013 Nanaimo MX National 184

Richard and his mechanic sit and wait for their qualifying practice to go off. Look how fresh his whole setup is!

I was able to catch Richard at a few races this spring in Ontario, and I can say first hand that he looked really fast. You could tell he has stepped up his program from last year. Richard finished 7-6 on the day for 6th overall. Only a little bit more and he’ll be in that top 5 consistently! Glad he made it out healthy and moving forward.

2013 Nanaimo MX National 186

New guy Shawn Maffenbeier look incredible on his YZ250 2-stroke. That bike is a piece of art, and absolutely hauls! I’m hoping to get an interview with the bike haha!

Shawn Maffenbeier’s day started off really well, and then took a turn for the worst. Shawn fractured his shoulder in practice and will be out 4-6 weeks. He attempted to race moto 1, but was cut short due to a mechanical issue (rear brake i believe) and pain. Bad news for the 2-stroke ripper! We will be looking to see him back for the East rounds.

2013 Nanaimo MX National 266

Richard with a little jersey swag. Lots of cool sections at the Wastelands.

2013 Nanaimo MX National 361

Kiniry looked strong. He will be up front all summer long. The Shoei helmets are a great addition to the team as well!

Bobby Kiniry had a good weekend. He went 3-6 for 4th overall on the day, and was always a part of the action on the track. In moto 1 Bobby was literally attached to Brett Metcalfe for a battle that lasted the entire race. Metcalfe would just have the edge at the end of the race. In the 2nd moto, things got pretty exciting when Bobby was locked into an intense battle with Tyler Medaglia #7. Both riders were going at it teeth-to-teeth which allowed Jeremy Medaglia #12 to catch right up and get into the mix. Jeremy and Bobby got together which cause them both to fall. Both remounted and finished.

2013 Nanaimo MX National 420

Bobby and Brett Metcalfe #123 were wheel-to-wheel for the entire moto 1. Crazy battle! Great racing!

2013 Nanaimo MX National 493

They were this close or closer the entire race! It’ll only get better as the weeks pass by.

Next weekend the team hits Kamloops, BC at Whispering Pines Raceway. Check us out next week for more updates on our guys!

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