Gopher Dunes Pro Report: The 450s

July 15, 2013
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Gopher Dunes Pro Report: The 450s

Gopher Dunes Pro Report: The 450s

If you missed the MX2 part, click here –

450 Results:

Fast Laps
Tyler Medaglia #7 – Red Bull/KTM 450 – 1:50.137 (moto 1)
Mike Sottile #515 – Honda 450 – 1:52.217 (moto 2)

IMG_7849 copy

Daymon Goold #648 using the restroom before MX1 moto 1. Daymon fell over the finish line and was unable to compete the rest of the day. Hope he’s alright!

IMG_7854 copy

Bobby Kiniry #2 on his super fresh YZF450. Bobby looked great on the sand.

IMG_7855 copy

It’s going to take me a long time to get used to the new threads and colours! I like it!

IMG_7858 copy

Red Bull/KTM’s Tyler Medaglia #7 grabbed both holeshots and two nice cheques.

IMG_7861 copy

My favourite setup of the weekend went to Tyler. He looked fresh at Gopher! That #7 looks good on that KTM.

IMG_7863 copy

Sand specialist Mike Sottile #515 from the states stalked Medags early on.

IMG_7864 copy

Kawasaki’s Brett Metcalfe #123 gabbed a good start and patiently followed the top 2.

IMG_7866 copy

Hoyer, Robinson, Gracyk come around top 5 after lap 1.

IMG_7868 copy

The jumps are the only place these guys get to take a break. You can see Tyler taking a deep breathe of hot Gopher air!

IMG_7869 copy

Didn’t see much of Dylan Kaelin #21. I read over Twitter that he dislocated his shoulder while racing and he didn’t even fall! Hopefully it’s not major.

IMG_7870 copy

Shawn Robinson #39 being followed by Liam O’Farrell

IMG_7885 copy

Dusty Klatt #3 returned from his knee injury. A 9th overall doesn’t show how well Dusty was riding all day. He came from behind in both motos from horrible starts.

IMG_7886 copy

Metcalfe hunting Sottile.

IMG_7889 copy

Morgan Burger #6 didn’t look himself at Gopher. He went 12-26 for 17th. Look for him to rebound back to the top 5 before the end of the season.

IMG_7895 copy

Bobby Kiniry hammering the rough track like an animal. He charged all day long both motos.

IMG_7898 copy

Sottile ended up wrapping a cover in his wheel 1st moto AND 2nd moto! He still rode to a 6-4 for 5th overall.

IMG_7908 copy

Metty with the moto 1 victory

IMG_7912 copy

Teddy Maier #11 killed it first moto! A 3rd and DNF would give Teddy 10th overall. I believe he was caught in a first corner crash in the second moto.

IMG_7915 copy

Cole charged the entire moto 1 up to 4th. He will get better and better everyday he rides that new setup.

IMG_7921 copy

Only time we saw last year’s MX2 winner Teddy Maier on the podium this weekend!

IMG_7922 copy

Double holeshot winner Tyler Medaglia

IMG_8028 copy

Here he is taking moto 2 first to the line with his brother Jeremy close in tow.

IMG_8036 copy

Tyler Rayner #46 grabbed a good start moto 2 and looked to be on his way to a great finish.

IMG_8042 copy

Sottile had the fastest lap set in moto 2. This guy is legit! Hope he makes the trip to SDL next weekend.

IMG_8048 copy

Crash sequence starring Tyler Raynor!

IMG_8049 copy

Buried it!

IMG_8050 copy

This is never good…

IMG_8051 copy

Sick sty!!!!

IMG_8052 copy

Good extension Tyler

IMG_8055 copy

Uh oh!


IMG_8061 copy

Couldn’t get his bike started right away so he was helped off the track.

IMG_8063 copy

RJ Roy #114 grabbed points this weekend going 19-18! That’s awesome to see and we hope to see him and his crew at SDL!

IMG_8075 copy

There’s no denying it. Cole was checked out and gone moto 2. He was running top or equal to top lap times, and he had a GAP. #148 showed us a preview of the speed we get to see the rest of this year. Cole went 4-27 for 11th overall.

IMG_8077 copy

Cole got by Sottile and started laying down the law with the Canadian flag in his hand.

IMG_8081 copy

Metcalfe getting by Jeremy Medaglia

IMG_8091 copy

Gauldy was hammering the microphone all day! Couldn’t believe how into it everyone got!

IMG_8095 copy

Gracyk #4 was consistent with a 10-10 for 8th overall.

IMG_8113 copy

Why does this guy like covers so much!?

IMG_8115 copy

BM123 was buttery smooth

IMG_8116 copy

Cole fell really hard in the 2nd moto and ended up pulling off. It was extremely unlucky, and at the time he had something like a 28 second lead over 2nd.

IMG_8121 copy

The MVP. Kyle Keast.

IMG_8124 copy

I’ve never seen anything like it. The 2nd moto just was amazing. Kyle Keast was shredding the heat! He went down and STILL caught up. Bulldozing right through everyone. I couldn’t even believe how fast he was moving!

IMG_8127 copy

When the 2 lap board came out it was a Keast vs. Kiniry show and everyone was locked in watching these two go ALL out. 100% effort was shown between these two.

IMG_8133 copy

He did it! He grabbed a sweeeeet 2nd place in the last moto going 5-2 on the day for 2nd overall. Could not have been a better day for the Machine Racing/Yamaha crew. I’m sure John Nelson was cursing the entire moto too haha!

IMG_8137 copy

Strong day for Medags. 2-5 for 3rd overall.

IMG_8143 copy

All smiles on Bobby!

IMG_8151 copy

This is what it’s all about right here. A true hero!

IMG_8160 copy

Brett Metcalfe has established his dominance so far.

IMG_8164 copy

See you at the Dunes next year!



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