Gopher Dunes Pro Report: The 250s

July 15, 2013
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Gopher Dunes Pro Report: The 250s

Gopher Dunes Pro Report: The 250s

Round 5 of the CMRC Monster Energy Pro Nationals took off at the deadly Gopher Dunes Raceway this past weekend! It seems like every single time we head to Gopher to kick off the East coast, it is smoking hot out! Like, seriously, it was hot, humid, and painful. The track was in mint condition all day long with perfect watering, and the classic roughness that everyone looks forward to (sarcasm; except if your name is Kyle Keast). The Schuster’s ran the day about as smoothly as possible and the event was a +1 for the history books.

It was a great day of racing, holy. We saw top-notch racing every moto, and were witness to one of the best rounds of the year so far. Let’s get into what happened at Gopher!

IMG_7660 copy

Beautiful blue skies for the race day. The entire day was perfect for RD.5. I noticed this cool video drone flying around the start line, I want to see the shots! The little thing was ripping through the ski before every moto, and during the holeshot.

The 250s
250 Results:
Fastest Laps: Austin Politelli #102 – Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki 250 – 1:52.856 (moto 1)
Jesse Wentland #266 – KTM 250 – 1:54.368 (moto 2)

Jerry Lorenz #28 came up from the states to race an MCR YZ250. He is a very strong sand rider, but had a bad day with 2 DNFs due to mechanicals.

Jerry Lorenz #28 came up from the states to race an MCR YZ250. He is a very strong sand rider, but had a bad day with 2 DNFs due to mechanicals.

I haven't seen Blake Savage race since Walton last year. He looked really good on his GDR/TLD Honda. Blake had a bad crash and took a DNF in moto 1. Second moto was better with a 10th for 15th overall on the day. Look for Savage to get better and better at each round.

I haven’t seen Blake Savage #57 race since Walton last year. He looked really good on his GDR/TLD Honda. Blake had a bad crash and took a DNF in moto 1. Second moto was better with a 10th for 15th overall on the day. Look for Savage to get better and better at each round.

IMG_7650 copy

Quiet day for Josh Clark #23. He rode to a solid 6-4 for 4th overall on the day. I swear I didn’t even hear his name once all day long, but obviously his silent 4th is one that can’t go unnoticed. Good work Josh!

IMG_7662 copy

Moto 1 holeshot went to Topher Ingalls #13. He started by the box, and it looked like he was timing his jumps perfectly. I noticed that he would dump the clutch right when he heard the referee kick the gate to drop it. The results were perfect jumps over the competition and 2 holeshots in a row!

IMG_7664 copy

Blake Savage #57 and Nicky Beatty #42 were close in tow.

IMG_7666 copy

Tight corner when there’s 40 guys pinning for it. The lines would often get filled with 3-4 guys at a time.

IMG_7671 copy

James Roberts #38 is VERY impressive at Gopher Dunes. I know that he is a very talented sand rider, and I know that he did race at Southwick in the lites class, so his performance on Sunday was spectacular (minus his troubles).

IMG_7675 copy

Anthony Lunghi #81 got an amazing start moto 1 and was absolutely on rails! He was ripping the top 10 like he’s been there all year! Anthony grabbed a 14th moto 1.

IMG_7676 copy

Hmmm, I didn’t see much of Drew Roberts #60. This was the only picture I could find of him! Drew had a tough day going 26-28, but is looking to come back to the top 10 at SDL where he belongs.

IMG_7703 copy

Alexandre Morin #45 was banging off this death drop. It was a harsh hit, but it was definitely loads faster for the racers that were doing it.

IMG_7704 copy


IMG_7730 copy

Stanly Clair #55 didn’t have luck on his side. Stanly looked really fast, but he couldn’t put it all together. Clair went 25-DNF.

IMG_7731 copy

Not even sure which Allison brother this is, #twinproblemz. Jared rode strong with 8-7 finishes. Parker was close behind with a 10-8. I liked the new TLD gear, it looked really good out there!

IMG_7732 copy

Local boy Derek Hamm went 23-19 for 23rd overall. I know that he was hoping for better at his home track. Good luck Derek the rest of the season!

IMG_7736 copy

Tyler Villopoto #5 had a round to forget about. A 21st overall is a poor performance from the Leading Edge pilot. Let’s see TV#5 get back at it at SDL next weekend.

IMG_7747 copy

American Sunny Drake #876 made the trip to race Gopher on his TM250. Drake looked strong on his 2-banger. A 21-17 for 20th overall is a bit below par for his liking, but he’ll get it!

IMG_7751 copy

Sean Maffenbeier #10 made his return from injury! Sean grabbed a really sweet 4th in moto 1 from way back in the pack. Second moto he capped it off with a 10th for a 6th overall. Great day for him, he’ll get stronger too.

IMG_7752 copy

Well, Hayden Halstead #147 had a wicked race! Hayden got horrible starts in both motos and still made his way up to 7-9 finishes for 7th overall. What a solid result, and I know that everyone was happy to see it! Nice job H-Man!

IMG_7753 copy

Brad Nauditt flew under the radar with a 9-13 for 12th overall. It looked like an off day for Brad, so look to see him up front next weekend.

IMG_7756 copy

Richard Grey #20 was a favourite in the sand. Rich had a tough day and battled hard but suffered a DNF and a mediocre 11th in moto 2. I really do see him racing in the top 5, so I’m hoping that this East coast swing is a bang for the Grey gang.

IMG_7757 copy

Wanna know who is awesome? Trevor Hall #711. He came out of retirement and qualified on a sweet 250 2-stroke! We were all pumped to see the old killer back out on the track. Keep it pinned!

IMG_7759 copy

Fast intermediate, Konnor Long #719 had ups and downs. He looked speedy on the track but would go DNF in moto 1. Moto 2 he grabbed a 22nd which is a great finish for an amatuer. His potential is much higher than a 22nd finish and I will bet on seeing him improving as we head out East.

IMG_7763 copy

Austin Politelli #102 finally showed some weakness this past weekend. a 2-29 (dude to a gnarly crash) would set him in 11th place overall. Sometimes Motocross slaps you in the face with a bad weekend, but no big deal, Austin has a huge cushion in points so I’m sure this race will barely phase his future performances.

IMG_7767 copy

How did intermediate Dylan Wright #539 do? He killed it. Amateur sensation. He’s a Canadian prodigy living up to the hype. He nailed both starts near the top of the field, he made passes, and he rode consistent (made 1 mistake and tipped over in moto 1). His fitness is unbelievable and he is a huge threat to these top 10 pros. SDL is his home track and you can bet on seeing this kid up front. Mike Alessi who?

IMG_7772 copy

Tyler “Duffman” Duffy #375 was victim to the Dunes! (You’ll see soon)

IMG_7786 copy

Mikey Bugg #730 came up from Michigan to shred. The A class rider grabbed 14th overall with 16-14 moto scores.

IMG_7789 copy

Cody Vanbuskirk #722 came up from Michigan as well on his RM250. Lots of 2-strokes this weekend!

IMG_7787 copy

Politelli #102 hugging this soft berm.

IMG_7790 copy

Mitchell Godkin #828 raced his first pro race on his super trick KTM SX250.

IMG_7795 copy

Impressive weekend for Alex Morin #45. He went 15-5 for 10th overall this weekend. That last moto he looked on fire!

IMG_7797 copy

Nicky Beatty raced DOUBLE classes this weekend. The hottest, roughest weekend of the whole year and he raced 4 motos. Nicky looked great out at Gopher!

IMG_7799 copy

Nathan Bles #26. I think.

IMG_7800 copy

Topher Ingalls #13 grabbed his first overall! Both holeshots and 2-1 finishes put him on the top step. Nothing much to say about it, he rode extremely well and was flawless.

IMG_7806 copy

Roberts has the sickest sand style ever. Seriously this guy hops over all the bumps everywhere and rides really well.

IMG_7808 copy

The only bad thing that happened to Dylan Wright on Sunday. Tiny tip over.

IMG_7812 copy

Nicky Beatty shows us what line to take in the super fast right handed sweeper.

IMG_7815 copy

GDR/TLD Honda’s Nathan Bles #26 always kills it at Gopher! A 13th in moto 1 was unlucky, but he grabbed a 6th in moto 2 to land him 9th overall. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nathan cracks the top 5 in the near future.

IMG_7818 copy

James Roberts fell off his bike and then CAUGHT his bike as it was falling with 1 hand! It was probably the sickest thing i’ve ever seen! Nice catch!

IMG_7819 copy

Bike is falling.

IMG_7820 copy

BOOM! Caught it! I bet he thought no one saw….

IMG_7826 copy

Jesse Wentland #266 came up North to battle some Canucks (well mostly Americans but ya). Jesse was ripping and stole a 2nd overall with consistent 3-1 rides. I believe Jesse has also been racing some AMA nationals.

IMG_7830 copy

This sweeper claimed a few innocent souls this weekend.

IMG_7831 copy

Anthony Lunghi was running inside the top 10 and with a gap before he ate it HARD moto 2.

IMG_7833 copy

I want to give 2nd place MVP to Ryan Gauld from Gauranteed MX for absolutely making Gopher worth while. He was killing it on the mic all day long, and his podium speaking was the best i’ve ever seen! Good work Gauldy.

IMG_7840 copy


IMG_7843 copy

2 holeshots. 2 cheques. And a bonus for double moto sweep.

IMG_7926 copy

Good guy Richard Grey talking with fans.

IMG_7931 copy

That’s a tight corner for that many guys!

IMG_7939 copy

IMG_7941 copy

Topher creaming this berm.

IMG_7942 copy

After a weekend like that, I wonder what KTM thinks of Wentland?

IMG_7951 copy

Just missed it!

IMG_7950 copy

Bikes flipping! It was a hard hit!



IMG_7956 copy

Dylan Wright going by Politelli and Marshal Weltin who took eachother out.

IMG_7958 copy

Derek Ouimet #518 was hauling in moto 2! He was in the top 15 for over half the moto before he went down.

IMG_7962 copy

Wentland caught Topher and made the pass soon after.


IMG_7976 copy

Zach Deiana #29 18-15 for 18th overall.

IMG_7987 copy

Politelli limped around moto 2 to a 29th.

IMG_7990 copy

This is nasty. Tyler Duffy lost traction in this fast sweeper. He took a huge hit going 4th wide open before that finish line jump.

IMG_7997 copy

Mikey Bugg swoops around Duffman.

IMG_7998 copy

Close call for ZD29!

IMG_8000 copy

Yupp, it’s out.

IMG_8001 copy

Ouch! Hope he ended up being ok.

IMG_8002 copy

You did it kid!

IMG_8007 copy

Hahaha! Dylan Wright got a sweet taste of the podium this weekend!

IMG_8010 copy

Topher was happy and humble about the day.

IMG_8012 copy

Moto 2 winner Jesse Wentland

IMG_8020 copy

MX2 Podium

IMG_8037 copy

Derek Ouimet #518 took a gnarly crash to the chest moto 2. How’s that feel today?

IMG_8087 copy

Check Twitter and Facebook tomorrow for the 450s report!









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