Do I have to “Join the Nation”?
No account needed to browse around.

Why should I “Join the Nation”?

  • Collect  xPoints
  • Post an ad
  • Contact a seller
  • Be the first to know about:
  • Contests
  • New listings

What is the MXM Part Exchange?
The MXM Nation Parts Exchange is the first product MXM is launching.  Like any classified advertising platform you can post your motocross parts, bikes, accessories for sale or trade.

Does the Parts Exchange cost me money?
It is completely free to post your parts, bikes or accessories on the MXM Nation Parts Exchange.

How do I list my gear on Parts Exchange?
Only registered users will be able to contact you to buy, sell, or trade and contact you personally.

  1. If you aren’t a member you should ..Create your user profile
  2. Create your listing
  3. Upload a picture.
  4. Post your listing.

Remember items with pictures get way more attention.

What are XPoints?
xPoints are our way of helping you – the more points you have the more you can do.  Between now and July 2013 you will be collecting points to use in the next phase of our launch.

How do I collect  X-Points?

We have a whole page to help you with this.

How do I use X-Points?
Because this is still in development we will let you know closer to the day, sometime in September 2013.

My X-points aren’t updating immediately?
There is a hamster counting your points every time you do something worthy of your points; sometimes he gets a little tired so we give him a break, but all your points will be updated by the end of the week.