For Myles Bartholomew 2006 was a transformational year; Myles turned 13, was racing his YZ125 Yamaha and the season opener for the first Amateur National Qualifier at Gopher Dunes in Ontario represented the launch of MX Mechanics.  MX Mechanics was created by Myles and Gary to give young riders a support team and support services program in amateur racing.  The concept was simple, produce factory like support for amateur riders who have a passion for motocross and give them an advantage along with a competitive edge normally reserved for factory riders.

When the Bartholomew’s launched MX Mechanics, Facebook was in its infancy with just over 5 million registered users exclusive to those in high school and university. Technology was changing rapidly and how people interacted online was still very much a one way communication from businesses to the consumer.

By season opener in April 2007, Facebook had 20 million active users, companies were interacting with customers online and through Facebook; and MX Mechanics was well established in the industry.  In 2007 MX Mechanics was offering additional support service providing access to top level race and practice bikes, the best race mechanics, trick – aftermarket parts and race clothing, track side support, pro level instruction and mentoring and a highly prestigious profile at the Amateur Provincial and National Championships. The MX Mechanics service was offered in three levels, track side support, weekly mechanics support and full service and race bike support to any family that required support of their young racer, with the goal of making the sport of motocross an enjoyable experience for the racer and their family.

Over the years technology has changed the way extreme sports athletes engage with their audience, their sponsors and dealers.  Recognizing these changes and wanting to truly make a difference for extreme sports athletes, the Bartholomew family transformed MX Mechanics to MXM Nation.  It would take the development of semantic technology to fully realize the vision of MXM Nation.

By 2012, Myles was in his first year at the University of Waterloo.  A unique undergraduate degree gave him the opportunity to develop MXM Mechanics as a fully supported student in the Digital Arts and Global Business program.  Still passionate about motocross and staying true to his roots, Myles will still race at every opportunity, but his vision for MXM Nation and the full value keeps him grounded and a little cleaner so he can deliver to other athletes the pieces they really need.

Since the beginning of this whirlwind adventure, MXM Nation has always stuck to its core values; have fun and live passionately, deliver quality products to extreme athletes and, always deal with integrity, giving sponsors and dealers the recognition deserved.

Ultimately MXM Nation a transactional social commerce platform, the evolution of sponsorship for extreme sports athletes. Driving exposure and visibility for athletes, sponsors, dealers and service providers and giving more than 5 million extreme athletes the support necessary to focus on their performance and reduce the high costs with associated with their sport.

MXM Nation is about passion and dedication.  It is about hard work and pursuing dreams.  MXM it is about family, friends, community and the support that each and every athlete needs to make it to the top of their game.