Deschambault Pro Report

July 31, 2013
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Deschambault Pro Report

Deschambault Pro Report


Fast Laps:
Teddy Maier #11 – Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki – 2:14.522 Moto 1
Jeremy Medaglia #12 – RM Motorsports/Red Bull/Shift/Yamaha/MX101 – 2:14.132 Moto 2
Austin Politelli #102 – Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki – 2:15.358 Moto 1
James Roberts #38 – Tech Care/Hindle/Alias – 2:17.665 Moto 2

IMG_8786 copy

GDR/TLD/Honda’s Konnor Long #719 got his first pro point! It was good to see Konnor out in Quebec qualifying and racing with the big guys week in and week out.

Konnor’s teammate, Nathan Bles #26 feeling out the soft berms in practice.
IMG_8847 copy

Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha’s Richard Grey #20 can’t catch a break. He went 9-DNF with troubles in moto 2. I did see his bike smoking, and I do know that he went down, so hopefully Rich can get back on the horse for Riverglade!

IMG_8852 copy

Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Austin Politelli #102 is your current points leader. Here he is scoping out lines early in the morning.

IMG_8855 copy

Yamalube’s Jared Allison #15 got his race bike fixed from his blow up at SDL.

IMG_8870 copy

I kept an eye out for Michael DaSilva #53 all weekend. He is very familiar with this track and he finally looked comfortable racing.

IMG_8874 copy

GDR/TLD/Honda’s Blake Savage #57 is getting stronger every weekend. Some forget that he was racing Loretta Lynn’s amateur nationals this time last year!

IMG_8877 copy

Blake’s teammate, Nathan Bles #26 feeling out the soft berms in practice.

IMG_8879 copy

Rich crushing the sand.

IMG_8898 copy

Redemption/KTM/Fly Racing’s Eric Jeffrey #33 is always working hard to improve! Eric went 15-16 for 15th overall.

IMG_8904 copy

The man Peter Derry getting his son Ryan Derry’s bike ready for the first MX1 moto.

IMG_8907 copy

Nate Bles was calm, cool, and collected while heading out to the line for MX2 moto 1.

IMG_8922 copy

I spotted this and was really excited to see some FMX action!

IMG_8945 copy

RTR’s Topher Ingalls #13 had his up and down day. 14-1 would put him 5th overall. I’m sure he was not very happy about the 14th in moto 1.

IMG_8964 copy

GDR’s riders are always looking fresh. The TLD stuff is awesome!

IMG_8971 copy

James Roberts #38 focusing in for moto 1.

IMG_8988 copy

Monster Energy/Leading Edge/Kawasaki’s Tyler Villopoto #5 stays relaxed and loose on his hot laps. He even threw some armswag wheelies down the line!

IMG_8995 copy

I really thought the start was going to be mayhem, but it came out pretty clean with James Robert’s taking the holeshot, Nicky Beatty#42 sweeping the outside, and TV5 cutting it in.

IMG_9005 copy

Nicky Beatty #42 had a really good moto going in moto 1. He was running up in the front pack for majority of the race. Unfotunately, he DNF’d and finished the day with DNF-16 for 18th overall. Maybe we’ll see a double holeshot at Riverglade?

IMG_9014 copy

Sunny Drake #876 got off his TM 2-stroke and hopped back on his own Kawasaki for this weekend.

IMG_9036 copy

Bad luck for young Zach Deiana #29. He took another DNF on the weekend. I suspect he will do very well heading back onto dirt (Riverglade, and Walton).

IMG_9043 copy

Derek Ouimet #518 was the only Ouimet out there this weekend around. His brother TJ Ouimet #267 fell really hard during the week at ECAN and took a pretty bad shoulder injury. He’s looking forward to getting back on the bike ASAP.

IMG_9076 copy

Another great weekend for Hayden Halstead #147! He went 13-15 for 13th overall. If you missed our interview with his mom, you should have a read (! Great family, and good racer.

IMG_9107 copy

Sean Maffenbeier #10 needs to figure out his first motos! He has the speed to win, but is getting caught up in that first moto! A 20-3 for 10th overall doesn’t sit very well. 2 rounds left to see that 2-stroke take the top step!

IMG_9127 copy

My favourite shot of the week was of Tyler Villopoto #5. He had another great weekend, and finally we are seeing the real TV5. He went 1-7 for 2nd overall.


Sunny Drake attacking the track.

IMG_9160 copy

Privateer Kyle Swanson #313 killed it this past weekend! 3-6 for 4th overall! He was so pumped to be on the podium that first moto. Well deserved!

IMG_9163 copy

I knew he was going to rip this track and he did. Michael DaSilva went 5-11 for 7th overall. He has rode Riverglade before so we can expect him to be racing up near the front of the pack again! Good work Jay and Michael!

IMG_9169 copy

Brad Nauditt #16 has been in a slump. 11-17 for 14th on the weekend. Hopefully we see Nauditt back on it for Riverglade!


There was no way I was going to be on this tower on race day! That thing was way to shaky for me!

IMG_9191 copy

It’s always great when a full privateer graces the podium at a national. Kyle Swanson deserved this one.

IMG_9194 copy

The man of the MX2 class was Devil’s Lake rider Josh Clark #23. His 2-2 gave him the overall for the weekend. He is also closing in on Austin Politelli’s points lead. Things could get interesting.

IMG_9195 copy

This guy was happy to take the moto 1 win! Monkey off the back!

IMG_9201 copy

Bobby Kiniry #2 taking a moment.

IMG_9204 copy

The dynamic duo!

IMG_9207 copy

The MX1 boys were all relaxed while getting their gates ready. It’s amazing how “light” things can be right before battle!


Royal Distributing/Red Bull/KTM’s Dusty Klatt #3 was wearing the sweet 2014 Fox gear!


His teammate Tyler Medaglia was as well! I liked every set the KTM boys wore that day!


Ross Johnson went 9-DNF. Not sure what happened that 2nd moto, but Ross looked great all day long, and rode to a quiet 9th in moto 1.

IMG_9244 copy

Jeremy Medaglia, Teddy Maier, and Dusty Klatt lead the pack.

IMG_9261 copy

These guys were attached to each other the entire moto 1. Teddy and Jeremy went at it wire to wire, but Jeremy would edge out Teddy in the closing laps of the race.

IMG_9266 copy

Local David Blanchet #727 (the kid that scrubs the step down at Walton really really good) got a great start in moto 1 and ran in the top 10 for a while. He ended up going 14-DNF on the day.

IMG_9271 copy

Ryan Millar #63 18-14 for 16th overall.

IMG_9395 copy

Congratulations to the MX101 crew. Kevin Tyler, Cale Foster, and Jeremy Medaglia took the overall in MX1 and it was deserved. Hard work, and dedication pays off.

IMG_9372 copy

Bobby Kiniry went 6-5 for 5th. We are waiting for Bobby to have one more breakout ride before the season ends!


Tyler Medaglia #7 struggled this past weekend. 17-15 for 17th sure didn’t make him happy.

IMG_9273 copy

Shawn Robinson #39 went 16-12 for 13th overall. I do think that he can ride in the top 10 consistently, he just needs some better starts!

IMG_9296 copy

Brett Metcalfe #123 had to charge through the pack again in moto 1. He would catch up to 3rd in an amazing ride. 3-1 would put him 2nd overall. With 2 rounds left Brett can clinch the title next weekend depending on Bobby Kiniry’s results.

IMG_9307 copy

Cole Thompson worked hard both motos. 4-4 for 4th overall is less than he wanted, but his consistency and speed is increasing every weekend.

IMG_9310 copy

Dusty Klatt #3 5-7 for 6th.

IMG_9369 copy

Thompson came out for moto 2 with wild Fox gear!

IMG_9391 copy

Metcalfe took the moto 2 win!


IMG_9181 copy

Brad almost stole a position away from Nathan Bles on the last lap. Kids, remember to pin it to the finish line just in case someone sneaks up on you like this!

IMG_9185 copy

Jared Allison #15 went 12-9 for 11th overall.

IMG_9188 copy

James Robert’s collecting his holeshot money!

See you all next weekend at Riverglade! I will be making the trip all the way east in my little car! Should be a greeeat ride.

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